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Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

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Smooth Moves: Hula till your hips fall off

posted by GannonMT (BOZEMAN, MT) Jan 17, 2007

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I purchased Wario Ware: Smooth Moves the day it was released not knowing what to expect. I am in my twenties and I bought a Wii for the fact that I am not a button masher and I don't play video games all that often.

Smooth moves has you putting the Wiimote in different positions, like on your nose or on your hips and you are thrown into a whirlwind of fast paced 5 second mini-games where in each game you have to use the Wiimote in a different "form" and figure out what to do. Like pick someone's nose or swat a fly. Haha. As you progress the games get faster and you have to use different forms for each one ultimately getting to a boss stage and completing that area. With about 200 mini-games you are not in short supply of silliness.

This game is definitely colorful and hokey, yet, surprisingly enough... a lot of fun. Definitely would be a great party game with 3 or more friends where you pass the wiimote off and try not to mess up as the games get insanely fast and you are laughing at your friends who are trying to hula a thousand miles an hour. :) My one beef with this game is sometimes you just don't know what you need to do with some of the games. Has anyone figured out the table tap game yet?

All in all. If you lack a sense of humor and don't like to do silly things in front of your friends, then this is definitely not for you. I love this game and I am still finding new ways to embarrass my friends when they come over and play the Wii. haha.

I say buy this game and keep it around for parties and when Grandma comes over. :)

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Very Good

Fast paced fun multiplayer Wii game

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Mar 12, 2007

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Warioware has always been multiplayer friendly, and Smooth Moves does not let down. This game has a ton of personality with its off beat humor. There are so uses of the Wii-mote in this game, and the tutorial that it gives you the first time is just hilarious.

This game is very short overall. In order to have multiplayer, you also need to finish the entire game in single player mode. This is not to hard, and till take you at most an afternoon. Single player mode is enjoyable, so beating the game is easy on the mind.

The Wii-mote in this game can take a little getting used to. The games start and are over within 3 seconds many times, so positioning yourself with the Wii-mote can be hard. And there are sometimes that the remote just doesn't to cooperate with the player.

Overall, this game is worth a play through. The different modes will keep you busy, and obtain high scores against your buddies will be worth the money you spent on it.

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Great game

posted by escher (PINE BLUFF, AR) Jan 16, 2007

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Started to play this game and my first thought was amazing. This game fully utilizes the Wii and warioware. The mini games are crazy addictive and the multiplayer is fun with a big crowd(up to 12 on a certain minigame). It has a classic warioware touch and feel except that now you have forms(poses). I can't find anything wrong with it yet. It just seems like a great random game videogame.

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