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Wario Land Shake It

posted by NicoBellic (CARVER, MA) Apr 12, 2009

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Wario Land Shake It was pretty fun the thing that I didnt like about it was that it was a really quick game and if I were to buy it I wouldve gone crazy!The thing I liked about this game was that they let you use the Wii motes instead of using the tiny little buttons on the DS or the Gameboy.Besides that this is one of those games you would like to play on A school night when you are done with your homework.If you would like to know what its about then I would be glad to tell you. The game starts out with the king shake it capturing the princess as well as her minions but one of her minions manages to escape and jump off the ship their on.Oviously he goes seeking for help and he finds Wario(I dont know why he didnt get Mario or Luigi)he tells Wario the problem and oviously he doesnt care but then he tells Wario the part about the gold and I think Wario changed his mind as quick as you could say OK.I would tell you more but the rest is mostly gameplay and the end and I dont wanna ruin that for you.

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Above Average

Give this game a good "Shake" before you buy it

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 27, 2008

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Bowser has kidnapped Peach and taken her to another dimension, and it's up to Mario to save her...
Oops, wrong game. In Warioware: Shake it, the alternate dimension is named the Shake Dimension which lies in a miniature globe.
Here, the evil Shake King holds the queen of the land and her people prisoner. Since Mario is occupied in space, Wario is asked to save the queen. In return, he will get lots and lots of gold and gems.
Nintendo sure needs to have new writers: the save the damsel in distress is getting real old. Wario isn't Mario!
It would've been better off if this was a simple treasure hunt. That will get Wario going.
What also hurts this game is Super Mario Galaxy. Shake it just doesn't have the level design, the content or the looks to match. Playing the levels over again to get enough money to get to the next set of levels is an annoyance. It's a bad way the designers use to try to stretch out the meager content. Shake it is not worth $50; it's better off with a $30 price tag.
Even the strong points, namely the shaking, feels like a gimmick. You find a sack, shake it and get coins. That's all there is to shaking.
Still, this is a very strong 2D platformer and those who love the Super Mario side scrollers will find lots to love about this game.
And the boss battles are challenging and somewhat fun.
Rent Shake It and give it a try.

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old school fun

posted by radf03v3r1 (WOODBURY, NJ) Feb 15, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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If you love the old super Mario games you'll love this one. It takes it back to side scroll with way better graphics.

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