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Beautiful Well Controlled Platformer

posted by acsgamer (DENVER, CO) Oct 20, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

Sometimes miss the days of Nintendo going back to what it does best.

Platformers. Mabye its my recent addiction to Mega Man 9 (along with the others on the VC) but I'm loving platformers.

This game is absolutely one of the most beautiful looking games I've ever seen. I am an avid PC gamer(Wii games are starting to get boring btw), and I love the Hi tech graphics of Crysis etc...however, this artsy cell shaded game is wonderful.

The animation is outstanding. The game controls fresh and clean (and not over motioninzed). The story well is a wario story. Who really cares.

Anyways its tons of fun. I totally recommend it. There is actually a game and not just repetitions of boring actions which the Wii has somewhat puked out lately.

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Very Good

Wario Land Has Me All Shook Up!

posted by ThaSquare (ROSEVILLE, CA) Oct 15, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2007

He’s big, he’s mean, and he’s back. The Mushroom Kingdom’s foulest foe has waddled his way to the Wii. Wario Land: Shake It! (Shake Dimension outside of North America) is Wario’s first console adventure game in over five years. Stocked with hidden paths and baddies to stomp on, it’s definitely a throwback to the golden age of 2D gaming. Heck, Wario even has to save a kidnapped queen; remind you of anything you've played before? So, has Wario’s reputation benefited from this outing or has the shockwave of hype it generated toppled it over like a stack of gold coins?

All this shakin’ and gyratin’ has got Wario’s bulbous butt quakin’… and that, my friends, is not a good thing. His hindquarters should exhibit as little movement as possible just to ensure nothing works its way out, if you know what I mean. Anyways… The functionalities the remote brings to the table play a big role in Shake It! By thrusting the remote in a downward fashion Wario can punch the ground, stunning land bound hostiles and break loose items and alternative paths as well. You can also grab stunned enemies and shake the living daylights (or should I say garlic) out of them. Pieces of garlic heal a bit of health depending on the size of the clove but not every baddie holds one. Afterwards, you can use the inebriated minions as projectiles to break open blocks or knock out other would-be risks from a distance by tilting the remote either left or right to set an angle. Of course, you can grab sacks of money that lie around each map and and shake the shillings out of them.

You’ll also be using the tilt mechanics to shift your weight in carts and pilot submarines amongst other things. Of course, Wario’s patented shoulder ram maneuver can smash through walls and wandering baddies by pressing the “2” button and he can butt slam by pressing down in midair. It may be a simplified set up for casual players, but it's executed quite well.

Handling sacks has never been so much fun! I give it an 85/100!

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Same ol same ol

posted by ILLSHIRE (FAYETTEVILLE, AR) Oct 14, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

I don't know what the deal is here. If i wanted to play a DS/SNES like game i would bust one of those out. But what the heck is this another bs side-scroller. No wait you can shake things holy crapes how fun. I shake the effing controller enough. Give me some Wii games with content for gods sake, what happen to cool ones like metriod prime 3 or red steel.

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