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Warhawk - The next big PS3 game?

posted by AquaticB (Ooltewah, TN) Aug 31, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

Answer: Yes!

This game truly is great, and with the download version only being $40.00, it comes at a great value too. Keep in mind, this game is online only, so if you don't have the "interwebs" than please keep clear.

If you enjoyed the Star Wars Battlefront games, you are going to love this game. It gives you that same feeling of being in an actual war. There are so many things you can do on the battlefield that you can't help of feel overwhelmed at times.

A variety of game modes await you in Warhawk. You've got deathmatch, team deathmatch, Zones, Capture the flag, ect... You can mess around with some other settings as well, such as playing in a dogfight match, where everyone starts off in a warhawk instead of starting on foot.

There are only 5 maps that come with this game (hopefully some DLC maps later on.) Though the maps are few, they are extremely well designed and humongous in size.

When playing Warhawk, you can find yourself in a jeep, an AA (anti-air) turret, a warhawk, a tank, or on foot. You'd think if you ever found yourself wondering around the huge map on foot, that if you came across an enemy in a warhawk, you'd probably be guaranteed death right? Wrong. This game is very well balanced. If a good player is trapped in a situation like that, he will be able to get out of it easily. There are plenty of AA turrets all throughout the map, so if you do find yourself in this bind, then you can work your way from cover to cover, heading toward the nearest AA turret.

The graphics aren't the best, but with no jaggies they're easy on the eyes.

The gameplay feels smooth and works well. I don't have any complaints with the controls for any of the vehicles you can drive or for when you are on foot.

As I said in the first paragraph, because this game is online multiplayer only, I know you all must be wondering how the online play is. Let me tell you, it is great! With up to 32 players online, there is no lag at all when playing on Sony's dedicated servers.

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great game

posted by reviewer43 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Aug 31, 2007

Member since Jul 2005

This is definitely the best multiplayer on the ps3 so far without a doubt. A year after purchasing the PS3, there is finally a game I like to play. And to the person that said that he wish he didn't have to press a button to talk, I played the beta when it was OPEN mics and it wasn't fun at all. You could hear everybodys TV and 16 people trying to say something at once was a disaster. I'm very happy that they made it where you need to push the L3 to talk.

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posted by ManSpider (NORTHPORT, NY) Aug 30, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

This game will definitelly go down as one the greats in PS3 gaming. The online play is amazing and always smooth running. It is one massive battlefield of mayhem all around. 32 players in one game makes for a very exciting game especially with a mic.

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