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Guns Gone Wild!!

posted by conman (SOUTH BEND, IN) Sep 1, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

I didn't realize just how insanely fun and exciting this game would be. This game plays similar to the Battlefield games, but it has much more of the zany spirit of Goldeneye or Mario Kart 64. I haven't had this much fun online in a game for years.

This game doesn't have the steep learning curve of the hardcore online FPS's (like Resistance). There's a lot more pay-off a lot sooner. Heck, it's even fun to get killed in this game. Even though there's only five maps and four game-types, there's endless ways for games to play out. There's a huge variety of vehicles, weapons, installations, environments, buildings, power-ups to keep this game constantly moving and constantly changing.

Some might criticize the game for not having a single-player component. But the ONLY way this game could have had anything like a storyline would be to have made it an MMORPG. It's multiplayer or nothing for this game.

Graphically, the game looks lovely. Nothing spectacular, but also nothing lacking. Draw-distances are spectacular; textures aren't so hot; character and vehicle models are perfectly functional. But this game is all about gameplay; graphics matter only insofar as they contribute to gameplay (sniping, dogfights, and so on).

It's impossible to list all of the ways that this game is fun since so many things happen spontaneously in-game. Defeating a tank with a foot soldier using a pistol; flamethrower stand-offs; sniping warhawks from the sky. Endless, endless fun. Rent this now and join us.

Note: I'm choosing not to give the game a higher score because giving this game a 10 would be like eating candy for dinner.

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The Best Console Multi-Player Game Ever PERIOD.

posted by WPack911 (MIAMI SPRINGS, FL) Sep 1, 2007

Member since Dec 2003

This game brings to consoles an experience which before was exclusive to PC, that being the exclusive AAA online multi-player game. While PC gamers have been playing Battlefield and the like for year and years now console gamers have been in the dark, not knowing why these games were always all about the multi-player.

Warhawk breaks that wall and shines a much needed light on that for console gamers everywhere, showing everyone just what a true AAA multi-player only game is all about. The game has a pick up and play feel, sure at first you will get blow up many a time before you even get you're first kill.

However give the game an hour and just pay attention to what the other team is doing to take you out and then just go for it yourself, you will find that it is much easier to kick some butt and get some kills then you ever thought possible at first.

The game offers sounds shallow at just 5 stages, but it is quite the opposite. The five stages can be customized any way you want, that can be a massive or as tiny as you like and have more then enough land and variety to keep you glued to your PS3 and your TV.

They are also very well balanced, with all the turrets, tanks and Warhawk's having strengths and weaknesses that constantly keep you alert and thinking of the best way to take an enemy out.

Bottom line the PlayStation Network has it's killer App and this game might just be multi player game of the year and that is saying something in a year that Unreal Tournament III is coming out. Even against that though this game has a chance to be the better multi-player game in the end, it's that good.

Warhawk brings something to consoles, PS3, and the PlayStation Network that they all sorely needed and it delivered in a way few thought it or maybe even any game could, that is why for me this game is a 10. See you in the skies!

-WPack911 (Andrew P.)

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very fun, l2HD tho

posted by BaBooN (DISCOVERY BAY, CA) Sep 1, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

Very very fun game. Has about a 10 min learning curve then u will be getting kills with the rest of them. Only thing that sucks, is if you dont have an HDTV. I'm using an old school 55" non HD and I can't even read other players names.. like at all. Still fun tho.. someone buy me a proper display please.

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