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posted by milia123 (NEW HAVEN, CT) Feb 3, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

the online is good.

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its the god of games my 2 best game next to Mw2

posted by BISENN (TUCSON, AZ) Sep 3, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

This game is awsome i had it for two months last year and now i am going 2 keep it for a full year i had money to buy a new game but there was no new or good games coming out so i said"hey this games has map packs" so i got all of them also this game lets u play music not the mane battle music ur own music!This is how u download muisic. U but a music disic in the ps3 and go to music select the song u want and press triangle and go to download to playlist for ur option and then ull be able to make a playlists if u have not made one. So i always played the final countdown by europe during the EPIC BATTLE MOMMENTS!!!! so buy this game after renting if u like it if u dont like u dont know how to have fun see u on the batle field soldirs!!!!
my psn is DeputyFifey when i get it ill tell u and well play 1v1 on warhawk or mw2 quickscoping and on warhawk well do warhawk piloting matches 2 see if ur worthy freind.

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Best Online Game Ever!!!

posted by SmokeoutLd (SACRAMENTO, CA) Feb 10, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

There is just so much to do on this game!!! I bought it on release day more than 2yrs ago and I still play.

It has every conceivable way to fight possible: Planes, tanks, jeeps, flak and missile turrets, land mines, jetpacks, apcs, dropships.

You can fly, pound the ground or whatever.

There is a steep learning curve but about 10hrs in you should have the hang of it. I personally have about 813 hours logged at the moment - good for around 3000 rank in the world, which tells you how much longevity the game has.

Clan battling is amazing as the amount of strategy it takes is second to none.

You know how on the majority of shooters if you're outnumbered more than 2 to 1 it's impossible to come out alive unless they're all horrid?

Well on Warhawk you can literally battle 5 or 6 planes by yourself once you get good enough.

Advice: Stick to Normal (Arcade) flight. You can get so good at maneuvering that you're almost impossible to hit; unless I'm chasing you ;)

This is where I formed my clan, made a lot of great friends, and cut my teeth at online gaming. The game that made my PS3 worth it.



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