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Battle Galore

posted by Seanto (DANIEL ISLAND, SC) Nov 17, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

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For a first timer to the world of online play... watch out! Great fun and great introduction to playing endless opponents or fighting side by side with allies.

The fact that play is so variable makes this game addicting. Depending on your opponent, depending on your skills and ranking, depending on the game set... play time is never the same. I find this to be awesome where a lot of shooter games are structured. With a few exceptions and earned add-ons (in addition to ones you can purchase), you literally can go anywhere and do anything.

The only warning I have for you is beware of the hardcore Warhawkers... It's a game all but if you keep the mute off (enabling you to listen to other players) you'll discover the enthusiast. Be prepared for "sailor mouth"... not for the young who you do not want to expose to the violence of war and the harsh tongue. Play by the rules and you'll have a great time.

Not that I have any real time experience in the field I can certainly say that as time goes on in the game(which this game keeps track of every minute, every game... statistics galore) you learn the in & outs of survival and the perfect kill.

Play hard and score high!

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"Give me some air cover!"

posted by sin2sin (HENDERSON, NV) Feb 22, 2009

Member since Jul 2007

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

When I first played the demo I experienced the same steep learning curve other reviews have mentioned. However, I was compelled to play on by the interesting balance of all the weapons and vehicles. A handgun might just be your best defense against a foe bearing down on you with a flamethrower? A field wrench can bring down a lumbering tank? Before long I'd stayed up all night playing.... Playing the demo..... On several nights.

The play options and strategies are endless. Stay and defend the flag in a homing missile or flak turret. Scout out mines and stealthily plant them within your enemies home base. Lay down a barrage of tank artillery to cover an escaping team mate with the flag. Capture critical zones for your team such as a bridge and hold a line against crashing wave upon wave of enemies. It all makes for some epic moments.

The graphics are good. The audio is good. The design is impeccable. The controls come. Before long you'll be stealing the flag, leaping off a platform, knifing a defender mid air, and stealing the jeep with the 20 cal turret he was manning in the hopes of stopping you make your sweet escape.

Hearing the panicked voice of a flag carrier over your headset calling out "I'm pinned down by a swarm of warhawks" is something else. Whether you arrive in the nick time to fire one desperate rocket at the last persistant warhawk saving the day, or suffer the bitter sacrifice of placing yourself in between the assailants and their target; the experience shouldn't be missed. The only thing that keeps me from giving this game a 10 is the lack of a solo campaign which I can easily overlook.

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Awesome! Go PS3 Exclusives!

posted by gewehr43 (DALLAS, OR) Feb 23, 2009

Member since Jun 2007

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Awesome Graphics, great combat, and insane explosions and rag doll deaths make Warhawk one of the best games for PS3. Plus getting the expansion packs really add to the fun with the jet packs, and the air and ground troop transports. Hope this helps.

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