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Warhammer: Battle March


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Gameplay Controls

Warhammer: Battle March
Directional Pad
Up/Down = Zoom In/Zoom Out. Left = Unit Type Quick ID.
Left Thumbstick
Move Cursor
Right Thumbstick
Rotate Camera. Tilt Camera.
A Button
Select/Deselect Unit. Select Location. Run to Location (Twice). Attack.
B Button
Deselect All Units
Y Button
Follow Unit. Instigate Duel.
Left Bumper
Quick Item
Right Bumper
Cycle Through Groups
Left Trigger
Attack Move (Hold)
Right Trigger
Radial Hero Menu (Hold). Command Menu (Hold).
Back Button
Controller Menu
Bird's Eye View
Reset Camera
Grouping Units
Select multiple units with the A Button, then press and hold Left Trigger Button and Right Bumper to save them.
Card Select Menu