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Tactical unit-based RTS/RPG

posted by Local713 (PACIFICA, CA) Sep 14, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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This is a review of the 360 game itself; I have not played the PC version so I cannot compare the two.

Strategy, planning, and lots of patience are necessary tools for this game. The controls are complex and do require practice to get the hang of it. However this provides an increased amount of command over the formation and behavior of your units.

The bulk of an army is infantry and ranged units; but it can also include cavalry, siege weapons, huge units like a giant eagle or troll, and more specialized melee. Hero units command your army; they can fight by themselves or be attached to a normal unit, which in turn provides benefit (armor, stamina, morale, attack speed etc.) to that unit. As your heros fight they level up and gain skill points which can be spent in 3 different trees to gain new skills or augment existing ones.

3 different single-player campaigns: Empire (humans, high elves, dwarves), Greenskins (orcs, goblins), and Chaos (havn't got that far yet!). Each campaign is at least 4 'chapters' and each chapter is a different map. Move your army thru a couple dozen 'events' on each map - at least half of which are large battles. Other events include duels between heros, discovering cities and camps, and story-related stuff. The battle situations vary from open-field, to siege battles, to sneak-attacks and more. Point is, there is a lot of single-player content here.

Probably the biggest complaint would be the on-screen scaling. Even with a large (40"+) TV its still hard to tell one unit from another other than the flags over their heads. Smaller TVs only make this worse. However the battlefield maps are well done and varied.

The gameplay is focused on battle(s) rather than resource gathering and management. Select which units to take into battle, organize them accordingly, and MARCH.

If you just want a game to slap in and start smacking stuff around, SKIP IT. But if you're an RTS/RPG fan, and you have some time to kill, give this a shot.

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Great game wrong platform.

posted by Sorrow (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Jul 20, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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The game on the PC is great, an easy 8 or 9 out of 10.

But it's nearly impossible to play with a controller. The comands are badly placed and have a massive learning curve, and even once you get the hang of them doing things like selecting groups of units, moving the camera to other units and issuing individual commands is vertailly impossible without a having a mouse to select units.

The game is rendered nearly unplayable for not having a pause button to issue 60 seconds worth of commands that would have taken 5-10 seconds in the PC version, while the A.I. is trouncing you in real time. While the A.I. can easily command 5 units at once outflank and steamroll units before you can even find them on the map.

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posted by quiklain (SALISBURY, MD) Dec 8, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

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alright i had this game for PC and to be perfectly honest the controls were a heck of alot easier to use on the 360. as well as the addition of the expansion content to the game AND the ease of getting online to play other players.

nothing is quite as satisfying as smashing down the walls of a fortress and charging your green horde through the weakened enemy for victory.

my only complaint is that some of the levels (namely the ones where you have just your heroes) tended to be a bit cheap

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