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Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command


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Living Longer

Whenever you seem to die every time on a level well than here are a couple helpful tips. First tip. If there are some sandbags or rubble from walls, stand on the opposite side of your enemy and shoot at him with your secondary weapon with all but one action point. Then with your one action point walk one step away from the wall. That way if the enemy isn't dead yet, when he shoots the wall and it doesn't blow up on you. Second tip. When you only have one guy left or one guy battling a dreanougt or the big tank thing do the same for tip 1, but this time don't use all your action points. Instead shoot him with just enough action points to hurt him, then back away out of his sight range. He will probably try to shoot you then it will be your turn again shoot him again and so on and so forth.