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Above Average

Had So Much Promise.....

posted by Gobind05 (CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA) Sep 9, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

While Space Marine is a good game, it is an unfinished game. As if, the play through is only a part of a game. Yes, the campaign is around 6-7 hours but it felt those 6-7 hours should be only PART 1 or something. I'm not talking about a sequel or a prequel but part 1 of the same game. I would give the SP a 7.5 and the MP a 4.

Anyways, here are my pros and cons


-Extremely fun gameplay. I very much enjoyed the mixture of hack and slash with third person shooter. The combos could've been more fleshed out but again. This game feels super uncompleted.
- Great main character. Very BA in a classy way.
- The Multiplayer Customizer let's you make some pretty interesting combinations of armor
- Pretty Detailed Perk system (Yet, kinda feels bleh still)


- Weak Story. I'm not a huge Warhammer person. I played Dawn of War 1 so I kinda know what's going on but the story is kind of bland, predictable, and very forgettable. The ending had me going "Eh, that's it? So stupid..."
- Lack of variety in enemies. This is a minor con though. The main problem I felt was there wasn't a true difference between Chaos marines and Orks when fighitng them. Ya, they look different but do the same exact thing.
- Multiplayer Blows. Online for this game is horrible imo. I hopped on after playing the SP and was hit hard with lag. I've played a lot of games online just fine with very low MS (Black Ops, Killzone 3, Mortal Kombat, MvC3) but this game has a very noticeable lag. Also, The MP feels unbalanced to me. There are so many issues between the 3 classes that it's more a chore to play a game.
- Online Pass. This game should not have a online pass period. It takes roughly 30 mins to connect to a server and with the problems stated above it's trash.

Ending notes.
This game was worth a rent but not a buy. Okay, maybe a buy if your REALLY into Warhammer. The gameplay is awesome but that can only cover the other problems so long. Kind of a letdown but with hope for the future.

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GF Rating


Game overview

posted by WxIxLxSxOxN (OCEAN VIEW, NJ) Sep 9, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I have to say, I'm quite dissapointed in this game. The graphics are, ehhh average, the story line doesn't make anysense, & the font size is WAY TOO SMALL (even with my glasses on it's hard to read) overall this game is pretty bad, (in my oppinion) but with all this said: I do have to give some credit. After a while, you stop caring about all the BAD quality's of the game, & you just simple enjoy blowing stuff up! Overall: I give this a game 5 out of 10 points.

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Above Average

Waste of Time

posted by pswilliams986 (ROCKY POINT, NC) Jun 12, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

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There are so many great games this generation that middle of the road games like this aren't even worth the time it takes to play them. It's a decent game, but just decent. I feel that there's a new standard for quality in games since none of the one's I've played this generation are truly awful but many of them, like this, are average. It may be that game developers are learning to keep their games from becoming completely abysmal. Younger gamers will probably see games like the "bad games" while those of us who grew up with the games like Superman 64 will think of it as decent. My point: There is a new standard for quality and games like this just aren't worth playing even if we think of them as decent games. There are so many games in the third-person action genre that do a better job of it than Space Marine.

They're standard but it's the levels that really killed it for me. Every room of a level looks almost exactly the same as the last. And to top it off the levels are extremely generic looking. In close-quarter fights the camera tends to jump into first-person view for a few seconds accidentally.

The only unique part about this game is that it tries to mix a hack n slash game like God of War with a third-person shooter like Gears of War. It fails at both and only manages to be a novelty for the attempt. The hack n slash parts are dulled by a lack of combos, you're basically just doing the same attacks over and over. And there's no cover system so the shooting aspect feels a little tacked on. The character feels clunky and slow which almost makes me think the developers intended him to feel like a tank. There are some good parts to the gameplay too; the brutal kills are actually pretty cool and there will be an entire army of enemies to fight in some portions of the game.

Generic and boring. The characters never say anything interesting and the enemies say the same things over and over. "Humans to kill!" Boring.

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