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Space Marine 40k Review

posted by Ducksqb2 (ELLSWORTH AFB, SD) Sep 29, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

7 out of 7 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

The campaign was very linear, however, it was very entertaining. The environments were large and the graphics were great, but i thought that it underachieved in the sense of exploring. There were plenty of open areas slightly off the beaten path that were empty. Adding more things to it, like the audio logs or more weapons/rage/armor upgrades would have been nice. Anything the game wanted to give you was right in front of you so there was a lot of empty space. Another annoying but minor aspect was when you do executions. I thought it was annoying sometimes when you do you executions, especially when you have to tap O, that you could still get hurt while doing it. I was killed about 7-8 times this way. Overall a very good game, but it was more along the lines of a rent, do not buy game. i was unable to play multiplayer due to no online code.

PROS: Graphics (should be expected for any game by now), plenty of monsters to slay but didn't feel overwhelming, clear objectives and controls.

CONS: Content (not enough stuff to find considering how big the environments were) VERY linear.

OVERALL: Decent game to rent but i wouldn't buy it. (Multiplayer not included.)

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GF Rating

Very Good

SP Fun, MP Broken

posted by Ganster (WESTMINSTER, MD) Sep 7, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

The SP campaign is fairly decent and is about average for a more recent FPS. The graphics are decent as are the controls. The story is intriguing and allows for some fun progression through Ork country with tons of ranged and melee combat. Overall the game is a decent FPS game even though it doesn't do anything that previous FPS haven't already done....which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

MP is broken, plain and simple! I have yet to join ONE MP session. The MP section reports that 20 potential games are found, but I have yet to join one. In my attempts to join a MP session, my PS3 has frozen multiple timesl

If you like the Warhammer series (Orks, Space Marines, etc.) you will have a decent time playing the single player campaign. Unless something is fixed, the broken MP reduces the re-playability of the game substantially.

Be aware that without the "online code" you are limited to the level of your online character....but that assumes you can get online in the first place.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Awesome Game

posted by kbodin1 (LYNN, MA) Sep 12, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Jul 2006

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I have to say i was totally surprised with this game, i read so many reviews about the MP not working. If you follow the storyline it's a great game. I love all the weapons and the ease of use of them. I like there is ammo and grenade refills all over the place. I have been playing the game for a total of about 3 hours now and i'm loving it. The graphics are good, the game play is good and i like the chainsaw sword alot. Of course the fact that it's 3rd person makes it that much better. If i wouldnt have recently purchased Infamous 2 and College football i would purchase this game. It's a fun rent and when the price lowers i will buy it for sure.
Space Marines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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