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War of the Monsters

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Gameplay Controls

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War of the Monsters

Directional Buttons Move Monster
X Button Jump
Triangle Button Heavy Attack
Square Button Light Attack/Shoot (when far from opponent)
Circle Button Action (Climb/Grab/Throw/Catch)
L2 Button Free Look
L1 Button Strafe Left
R2 Button Block
R1 Button Strafe Right
Start Button Pause
Select Button Taunt
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Monster
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Free Look
Combo #1 Target Lock Opponent: L1 + R1
Combo #2 Counter: R2 + Triangle or Square Button

Combo #1 Dash: Doubletap in desired direction (use Triangle Button to ram while dashing)
Combo #2 Stun Hit: Triangle Button and Up
Combo #3 Uppercut: Triangle Button and Down
Combo #4 Shove: Square Button and Up
Combo #5 Juggle: Square Button and Down
Combo #6 Dive Attack: At the top of a jump, press Up and the Triangle Button
Combo #7 Air Recovery: Press R2 before hitting the ground
Combo #8 Counter: Hold R2 and press either Attack Button just as an opponent is about to attack
Combo #9 Long Range Special Attack: Triangle Button + Circle Button
Combo #10 Short Range Special Attack (a.k.a. "Crowd Control" Special Attack): Square Button + X Button

Combo #1 Clubs: Press the Triangle Button or the Square Button to swing objects like a club. Press the Circle Button to throw them.
Combo #2 Remove Spear: Rapidly press X, Circle, Triangle and Square to remove impaling object.