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Wanted: Weapons of Fate


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Very Good

A game based on a movie based on a comic!?!?!

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Mar 29, 2009

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...theres and oxymoron in there somewhere...

either way,Wanted:Weapons of Fate is a good game,but instead of just rambling,lets hit up the pros and cons!
1.Gameplay:they try to reinvent the shooter and they do a decent job at it.The controlls are incredibly easy to pick up, the cover system works under fast paced action, and the bullet curving and close combat actions are features that arent only nice to watch, but also function as a critical part of the game.
2.BULLET CURVING!yes!you can curve the path of a bullet in this game!if an enemy's hiding behind a door, window, or box, all that you have to do is pick the right angle and let the lead fly! the best part? not only can you curve a single bullet, but you eventually dual wield submachine guns that allow you to curve not one, not two, but seven bullets at once! yeah....this game is BA.

1.GRAPHICS! oh about last gen. even the prerendered cutscenes are shabby looking. im sorry, but....this just isnt a strong point of the game.
2.Story.loosely thrown together.its obvious this game was made to make money off of the movies popularity. variety. bullet clashing! it COULD have been done, and the game wouldve gotten a 10 from me if they had it in the gameplay.
5.SHORT! i beat the campaign on hard in 4 hours. but it does have some replayabilty to it.
6.NO MULTIPLAYER! again,it COULD have been done, and it WOULD have been awesome.

so it would seem there are more Cons than Pros,but dont be fooled,the game is fun. it just could have been alot better,and id like to see an improved sequel.a definite rental for shooter fans. a solid 8/10.

this review brought to you by Pucheo on youtube. search Pucheo for offbeat comedy fun.

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Wanted: Weapons of Fate

posted by darkstar1 (ROCKY MOUNT, NC) Jun 1, 2009

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Im a big achivement geek and beating this game three times in only a day got me 700G. So if your looking for easy achivement points this would be your game. Other that it was short but fun.

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Above Average

Wanted:W.o.F Misses Target But Has Potential

posted by ZombeSlayR (DALLAS, TX) Apr 3, 2009

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You've heard this in 99.9% of reviews,opinions,&feedback on Wanted:Weapons of Fate--the game is super short&repetitive.Instead of rewording&repeating what you've already heard&read,I'm going to take a more constructive approach.Because it WAS fun&addictive,I beat the game in the same day I rented it,&I was glad I only rented it. It's worth playing through once,though short&sweet like easy,quick,&dirty. It was cool running up on a gun-toting bad guy&instantly killing him with a knife attack,but I quickly saw I was doing the same2or3 knife attacks over & over.If there would have been more animations in these slicings that you could mix up for more variety&maybe take out more than one baddie at a time,that would have been much cooler & truer to the training of Butcher in the movie.Which leads me to my next point,I remember how inspired with awe I was by the film's car stunts&scenes as an assassin could focus&curve his bullet trajectory to hit another's gas tank,while both are weaving at blurring speeds through traffic.These most memorable scenes from the movie are totally missing from the game.&I mean gameplay,not cutscenes. It would have been too awesome to ram your car full speed into,say a limo,& flip your vehicle upside down over it in slow motion to take out your target with a headshot through his sunroof,while apologizing,"I'm soOoOrry!" Heck,I hope WB Games somehow gets wind of this review&take notes.In this day&age,sprawling miles of city streets&terrain can be recreated(ala the upcoming Fuel game)to rip up&perform various car stunts while picking off enemies,with a huge building structure here&there to shoot your way through,blended seamlessly with hand-to-hand combat&knife attacks like a true any-means-nesseccary- assassin.With today's next gen consoles there's no reason why games like Wanted:WoF shouldn't be as equally action-packed&moving as its motion picture counterpart.Instead,its like an out-dated but pretty arcade game,run&shoot, &run&shoot some more.

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