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Wallace and Gromit

Not Rentable
Also on:Xbox, PS2
GF Rating

102 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Wallace and Gromit

Control Stick Move. Direction + reverse + A (while moving) = Moving Jump-Flip-Somersault Jump. Full Circle + B = Breakdance! Move back and forth (while on a rope) = Swing on the rope. (In deep water) Swim.
A Button Jump. Jump, B = Jump-Smash Attack. (During combo) Break out of attack.
B Button Attack. (While moving) Basic Punch. (While standing still) Jump Kick. B, B, B (while moving) = Punch, Kick, Shove Combo. B, B, B (while standing still) = Kick, Kick, Shove Combo. (On a rope) + Up/Down = Climb or descend rope.
X Button Inventory
Y Button Action/Whistle
L Button First-person Camera View
R Button Crouch/Roll. Crouch (while standing). Roll (while moving). Sneak (while standing still, THEN move). Roll (running toward a wall) = Wall somersault. Roll, B = Lunge.
C Stick Move Camera. Look Around.