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Fun Steep Difficulty Curve but A Little Repetitive

posted by Shazbot (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 13, 2008

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WWII makes good use of the Wiimote control (but see later comments) to provide a fun flying, combat and dogfighting experience. It's main drawback is the sameness of many of the missions in single player.

Steering is done much as you would expect by turning and tilting the Wiimote and is pretty instinctive. Bombs on 1, Guns on 2 to deal out the mayhem. However, the neutral position is with the buttons facing upwards which results in a slightly unnatural feel until you get used to it.

Target crosshairs are provided on the ground and in the air for the bombs and guns respectively. Targets on the ground are simple and often do not need to be totally direct hits. Machine guns are a different story as particularly in tight turns you need to 'lead' the target as the trail of bullets will curve with the momentum of the turn and also seem to have some randomization of targeting built in. This is a little frustrating at first but is quickly gootten used to.

Missions start out very simple but later ones get difficult quickly - particularly in the RAF campaign. If you value your sanity, unless you are really skilled start out with the Russian campaign and leave the RAF for last. On the second RAF campaign you are quickly confronted with odds of at least 10:1 and this makes it very tough.

Master the loop manoevre quickly and learn how to trun onto your enemy after the loop to finish him off -so far as I can see this is the only advantage you have against such odds.

The bad stuff - there are only two things to hit in the game - stuff on the ground which is simple as long as you are not being chased by 20 fokkers - and the 20 fokkers themselves which can be more than a little tricky as they are quite evasive. The computer aircraft have a few discernable patterns but overall are tricky to pin down especially with 4 or 5 of their buddies still on your tail.

A very solid game but the easily bored may not be happy with the missions. Give it a try.

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For Real Pilot "Aces" Only

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 25, 2008

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I'm not a history buff, so I don't know if this game's historically accurate. But I do know it's a flying game that controls like many driving games for the Wii.
In this game, the player goes on missions: to protect the good guys and/or destroy the bad guys using a small selection of WW II aircraft.
I had little trouble getting control of my plane and performing basic maneuvers. But there was a problem with the loop maneuver - sometimes I could do it, other times nothing happened.
The best part of the game was dog fighting against the AI. My guns weren't very accurate, so I had to hit the other plane a lot of times, but that was a small problem.
One big problem was some of the missions are really tough. They sent me up there by myself against entire squadrons of enemy planes? What kind of strategic thinking was that? "Our one guy can take out twenty of their guys." I was thinking court marshal for whoever came up with that idea.
Another major problem were the loading screens. There were many of them, and sitting through them was a trying experience.
WW II Aces had potential, but major and minor flaws kept it from being great.

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Above Average

nice controls but too many enemies

posted by dcj111 (LOS ANGELES, CA) Apr 29, 2008

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Controlling the plane with the wiimote is great, but the missions quickly get too difficult. I've played other similar games such as combat flight simulator 2 and was able to go much further in the game quicker.

The 2-player mode is also fun.

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