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WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It!

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Gameplay Controls

WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It!

Directional Buttons Control Superstar
X Button Striking Attack
Triangle Button Run
Square Button Block Striking Attacks/Throw Weapon
Circle Button Irish Whip/Force Opponent to Feet
L2 Button Primary Taunt
L1 Button Primary Finishing Move
R2 Button Change to Different Opponent (Tap)/Change to Nearest Opponent (Hold)
R1 Button Pick Up Weapon/Kick Out of Pin/Pick Up Ladder/Position Ladder/Climb Ladder/Climb Cage
Start Button Pause
Combo #1 X + Any Direction = Striking Attacks/Diving Attacks
Combo #2 Circle + Any Direction = Grapple Moves/Turnbuckle Moves
Combo #3 Square + Any Direction = Counter Attack
Combo #4 Triangle + Square = Dive Through Opponent's Legs
Combo #5 Triangle + Square + X = Dive Over/Through Ropes
Combo #6 Triangle + L2 = Commando Roll
Combo #7 Triangle, Square = Exit Cage (Cage Match)
Combo #8 R1 + Direction = Climb Turnbuckle
Combo #9 L1 + Any Direction = Secondary Finishing Moves
Combo #10 Down + Circle = Pin Opponent