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WWE Wrestlemania XIX

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GF Rating

340 ratings

Gameplay Controls

WWE Wrestlemania XIX

Control Stick Walk
Control Pad Taunt
A Button (tap) Light Grapple, (hold) Heavy Grapple, (hold) + B Button (tap) = Grappled Strike, A Button + Y Button (or Y Button from a grapple) = Irish Whip, A Button + Control Stick DOWN = Pin, A Button near opponent and partner = Double-team attacks, A Button + B Button (with one full Special Slot) = Special taunt, A Button + B Button (after Special Taunt) = Special move, Pull opponent off of cage
B Button (tap) Light Strike, (hold) Heavy Strike
Y Button Run towards opponent, + Control Stick = Action, run in any direction, (Y Button to run, the Y Button at ropes) = Run into/out of Ring, Y Button + Control Stick (toward edge) = Climb down from structure
Z Button Focus on different opponent, Z Button near partner + Control Stick = Tag partner
Start/Pause Pause game and display the Pause Menu