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WWE Wrestlemania 21


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GF Rating

1848 ratings

Gameplay Controls

WWE Wrestlemania 21

Directional Pad Cycle/Highlight Menu Items
Left Thumbstick Cycle/Highlight Menu Items
A Button Select Menu Item
B Button Back/Exit
Start Select Menu Item
Back Back/Exit

Directional Pad Move Superstar
Left Thumbstick Move Superstar. Click to Call for Interference.
Right Thumbstick Up/Down = Taunt #2. Right/Left = Taunt #1. Click to Change Target.
A Button Quick Grapple (Tap). Strong Grapple (Hold).
B Button Specialty Grapple (Tap). Submission Grapple (Hold).
X Button Strike Attack
Y Button Run
White Button Pick up/Drop Weapon. Tag Partner.
Black Button Irish Whip
Left Trigger Grapple Reversal
Right Trigger Strike Reversal
Start Pause
Combo #1 L Trigger + Directional Pad Toward Object = Climb Object or Turnbuckle, also Enter/Exit Ring
Combo #2 A + B = Finisher Move
Combo #3 L Trigger + R Trigger = Finisher Counter