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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

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Very Good

Step up one way, step down another...

posted by Gandoff216 (MOUNT STERLING, KY) Dec 16, 2009

Member since Sep 2005

First off, I love wwe games. This years game is very good on many fronts, and bad in one, very important area. The graphics, move capturing, creat a wrestler create a finisher, and story modes are all the best in years if not every. The main issue I had, is game play. I hate how they change the amount of moves and such. I love being able to have 40 pluse moves. Not that I dont love the ability to go into a submission fast and such isnt good. But I love being able to work on my opponet like they do in story on tv by doing severl moves to wear down body parts, then do finishers. And I love the part of being able to have those moves that set up and wear down those parts for my finishers, but have other moves to wear down or damange other areas too. This years game, if it had the moves done like the last years, would have been the best version ever. But alas, they tend to mess up one more more big things on each version while fixing what the messed up the prevouise years. 8 out of 10, and thats bing giving. The move thing made me not only send this game back faster then ever, but not want to buy it....

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SvR 09 was TONS better...

posted by Aradace (LANSING, MI) Dec 9, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

As the title implies, 09 was way better than this installment IMO. The only reason I play SvR is for Road to Wrestlemania mode. And, in this installment, it was utterly DESTROYED.

I sat a day prior going into career mode and building my CAW from the ground up, getting his overall rating to 93 before deciding "Ok it's time to hit Road to Wrestlemania". I switch over, and the first couple of matches were pretty cool, until suddenly the 2hrs of thought I put into my CAW's attire was shot and thrown out the window.

I wrestled through the first match thinking "Ok, this is just temporary I'll get to switch back soon..." Then the next match, same thing....Next match...nope...STILL look like a Macho Man Randy Savage reject...Finally, due to both this and this years installment of SEVERELY over using the Handi-cap match feature I said F this and put the game back in it's envelope and sent it on it's way back to the GF facility where if they have any sense, will burn every copy of SvR 2010 they have and only stock 09.

It may seem petty to some folks but to me, If I am going to put the 2-3 hours into a wrestling attire (which I do and usually another 2-3 on the moveset as well which the story ALSO screws with btw.) I expect to be IN...THAT...ATTIRE...Unless I MYSELF actively change it. It was like I was being punished for using my CAW in RTWM mode instead of the already existing superstars.

As a whole, I wont say DONT play this game because it has some great features and the CAWs actually look decent this time around that are worth looking into. I AM saying dont play it though if you are like me and play it solely for RTWM because in that regard you will be extremely disappointed and find yourself longing for 09 as I have.

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Above Average

WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010

posted by travelboy1 (BRANDAMORE, PA) Dec 4, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

I really lake it I lked tplaing as eiher John Cena or Edge

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