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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010


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The More things change the less they stay the same

posted by jf1977 (WEST GROVE, PA) Nov 13, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

I have been a fan of this user friendly series for years, and for some reason it has either been watered down even more......or with the roster I just don't care anymore. I do like the new features such as the training facility as soon as the game starts up. This way you can learn the new moves but doesn't help how to counter, or use the specaility matches such as inferno or cage matches. There are tutorials now and then during faster load times.....And yet I wanted some of the old matches such as casket and buried alive than inferno and why is there only 6 man elimanitaion matches not 4 on 4 or 5 on 5? Another nice feature was road to wrestlemania but you only get to chose five superstars to play you can't pick your own. Santanio Marella and Kane deserve RTW stories. Another new features is pick your own story mode. It is user feature if you have the patience and you can upload it online where other online players can play. With this you pick the dialogue, matches, ect. Also the Classic WCW, WWF, European and Hardcore Belts are back to put on the line in the story mode feature. Career is not bad, it repliactes the general manager mode that was used in SVR 2005 and 2006. Here you pick your brand superstars and then you start off for the I-C belt to the WWE championship. Problem are the controls, easy less but for some reason a little clunky at times. I found myself hittiing the referee too many times that I almost got a DQ. Also the AI agasint the computer is still horrible. I played a six man tag only to have the AI break the pin too many times even after my opponent started bleeding. There is some realism espically when they bleed or holding themselves in pain. I have mixed feelings, but I think we could do W/O the divas and bring back the old school legends. Multiplayer is the most fun, as well as create modes as I stated earlier, just have a lot of patience and you'll be presentally surprised.

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posted by Drtc24073 (CHRISTIANSBURG, VA) Nov 10, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

This game is so fair the best WWE game i have ever had this game updates not that much onley 2 updates you have to do both 23k the other one is the big one 1289k of space then after all that you have your self the best WWE game and also say like you fav person gets drafted from raw to ecw it will update see mines Kane he was on raw they asked mt first is i whanted to space is 2k to update and new add on's soon and and little bad thang abowt it yo still cant play as hornswagle he's onley your managor but he does a good job by pulling your aonet under the ring or giving you a wepon to use and distracting the ref wich is relly funny o and one more good thang abowt this game is that you can make your own story mode free internet its asom i rate this game a 10 - 10

Sin. Devin

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Very Good

Smackdown vs. 2010

posted by noahx2009 (CHICAGO, IL) Oct 30, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

Eye poping graphics that you can almost touch the sweat. A full roster of wrestlers. I also like the fact that you can use your created character in Road to Wrestlemania. Would like more individual story lines for more wrestlers and more decision making in Road to Wrestlemania.

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