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WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Easy win match

Select go to hell in a cell. select undertaker push r1 or L1 go over and select the last ride leave the cell climb the cell when you can use the finisher push L1 you should do the last ride then pin. PS. if you drag out the match and do what i said except pin and do your finisher on the cell you could break through the cell which is awesome.

Chokeslam opponent through announcer table

to chokeslam the opponent through the announcers table, make sure you choose a smackdown! or SmackDown Pay-Per-View arena. then choose a wrestler who has the chokeslam 07. (Legend Undertaker recommended.) then weaken the opponent. outside the ring should be micheal cole and Tazz,s table out your opponents back toward the table. toe kick them and use the chokeslam. Hint (if this didnt work the first time you may have to do it again.)

Stealing Finishers

To steal finisher Hold L2 and press L1.You can only steal the opponents finisher if you have two WWE icons stored.

Save money

when your going to erase a built wrestler to build a new one just edit him and you can keep the points that you got from the last one.

DQ Match

When you have a DQ match, the easiest way to win is knock out the ref get a weapon neat the living crap out of your opponent. If the ref is still out press the o button and pin your opponent

Super damage

On top of the hell in a cell use powerbomb 7 which you can throw an opponent of the hell in a cell. He should go through the announcers table

Really cool PPV

show name: what ever you want Commentary: any Arena: wrestlemania XX joint hosting 8 matches 1. tag team, Dudleys vs. a-train & chuch (pretant the tag team titles are on the line ) 2.last man standing, animal vs. hawk ( if not unlocked leaf out ) 3. ironman w/ spcial ref. rhyno vs. tajiri special ref. roddy piper (if unlocked, if not just cange ref. ) 4. steel cage, randy ortan vs. ric flair vs. batista 5. ladder, ray vs. RVD vs. scotty 2 hotty vs. HBK ( pretant cruserweight title is on the line ) 6. Hell in a cell, molly holly vs. stacy keibler vs. sable vs. victoria vs. Trish vs. torrie ( pretant womans title is on the line ) 7. first blood match, HHH vs. chris Benoit ( pretant heveyweight title is on the line ) 8. Hell in a cell, undertaker vs. kurt angle ( pretant wwe championship is on the line )

Move Sets

1: Ron Simmons/Farooq 2: Billy Gunn 3: Val Venis 4: William Regal 5: Scott Steiner 6: Test 7: The Hurricane 8: Spike Dudley 9: Billy Kidman 10: Funaki 11: Steven Richards 12: Sgt. Slaughter 13: Jerry "The King" Lawler 14: Tazz 15: Al Snow 16: Rodney Mack 17: Jazz 18: Lita 19: Vince Mcmahon 20: Shane Mcmahon 21: Stephanie Mcmahon 22: Eric Bischoff 23: "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan 24: Ultimate Warrior 25: Iron Shiek 26: Nicholai Volkoff 27: Hillbilly Jim 28: Hillbilly Jim 29: Dean Malenko 30: "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase 31: Crash Holly 32: Mr. Perfect 33: Bob Backland 34: Lance Storm 35: Ultimo Dragon 36: Dean Malenko 37: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin 38: Goldberg 39: Brock Lesnar 40: Jeff Hardy 41: X-Pac 42: DDP 43: Road Dogg 44: Kevin Nash/Diesel 45: Scott Hall/Razor Ramon 46: Sting 47: Jeff Jarrett 48: Goldust 49: Vader 50: Keiji Mutoh 51: Kendo Kashin 52: Toshiaki Kawada 53: Taka Michinoku 56: Masahiro Chona 57: Hiroyoshi Tenzan 66: Sean O'Haire 68: Fred Durst

Match that is impossible/hard to end

Match that is impossible/hard to end:

Using the belt

When a champion is on the line and it is a no dq match, get the title and hit the opponent with it this does a lot of damage.

Trisha's Thong

hen you meet trish at the royal rumble she says shes been trying to meet you if you have a title match at the royal rumble lose it then you start going out with trish.At wrestlemania you wind up in a tornado triple threat ladder match but instead of a title belt or a briefcase there is Trish's thong

Royal Rumble Walkthrough

One move that isn\'t affected by the ringout meter is Powerbomb 7. It can be used as a finisher, but I have it in my power grapple set (unlimited use). If performed close enough to the ropes (and providing it isn\'t countered) this will throw them over the top rope and eliminate them.

Easy Match

When your in a non-disqualifacation match, use Batista.Get a chair. Hit them in the gut. Then press L1.Then DDT Him on the chair. Then pin him. The match would be over in 20 seconds.

Triple Threat Matches

when in triple threat cage matches, when the other two fight clime up the cage. Keep on doing that until one other super star does his finisher. so right when you see smackdown vs raw climb up the cage. as your climbing up the cage the opponent that did his/HER finisher will not see you and clime to. So Since you climed first you have gotten higher on the cage they cant get to the top faster