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WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Undertaker Combo

Push Circle + Up by your opponent's legs on the mat/floor. When you lift your opponent with that move push Circle + Left, Circle + Left, Circle + Left, then press Circle + Right, Circle + Left, Circle + Right, Circle + Right. All these are attack moves.

Season restart

Upon finishing two years, your entire season will start over with the draft. However, your superstar points will be saved.

Weapon locations

Ladders can be pulled from under the mat only if the chosen wrestler has an aerial maneuver as one of his/her finishers. Chair: Located under the mat to the left. Ladder: Located under the mat to the right. Table: Located under the mat at the upper center. Sledge Hammer: Located under the mat at the bottom center.

Move sets

Move set 1: Genichiro Tenryu Move set 2: Kendo Ka-Shin Move set 3: Keiji Mutoh Move set 4: Toshiaki Kawada Move set 5: Bill Goldberg Move set 6: Misc. Kung Fu Move set 7: Jeff Jarrett Move set 8: David Flair Move set 9: Scott Hall Move set 10: Scott Steiner Move set 11: Sting Move set 12: Terry Funk Move set 13: Atsushi Onita Move set 14: Misc. Puroresu set A Move set 15: Misc. Puroresu set B Move set 16: Taka Michinoku Move set 17: Ken Shamrock Move set 18: Rey Mysterio Jr. Move set 19: Great Sasuke Move set 20: Fred Durst Move set 21: Hiroyoshi Tenzan Move set 22: Jushin Lyger Move set 23: Kensuke Sasaki Move set 24: Masahiro Chono Move set 25: Manabu Nakanishi Move set 26: Yuji Nagata Move set 27: Jun Akyama Move set 28: Kenta Kobashi Move set 29: Mitshuru Misawa Move set 30: Vader Move set 31: Essa Rios Move set 32: Gangrel Move set 33: Brian Christopher Move set 34: Jerry Lynn Move set 35: Ron The Truth Killings Move set 36: Road Dogg Move set 37: Antonio Inoki Move set 38: Akira Taue Move set 39: Giant Baba Move set 40: Big Boss Man Move set 41: Crash Holly Move set 42: D'lo Brown Move set 43: Sho Funaki Move set 44: Godfather Move set 45: Justin Credible Move set 46: Mike Awesome Move set 47: Perry Saturn Move set 48: Steve Blackman Move set 49: Shane McMahon Move set 50: Sean O' Haire Move set 51: Steven Richards Move set 52: Andre the Giant Move set 53: Bob Backlund Move set 54: Dean Malenko Move set 55: Mick Foley Move set 56: Naoya Ogawa Move set 57: Shin'ya Hashimoto Move set 58: Sergeant Slaughter

nWo attack scene

Somewhere around the No Way Out PPV, Vince McMahon will bring back the nWo. After a week you will face either Kevin Nash or X-Pac. When the match is over ( win or lose), Hulk Hogan will hit you with a hammer and spray "nWo" on your back.

Replacement moves

Any of the Falling Neckbreakers can be used as Jeff Hardy's Reverse Of Fait. Any of the Flash Magics can be used as a Enziguri. Any of the Flash Magics can be used as The Hurricane's Shinning Wizard. Lita's Diving Moonsault can be used as Bill DeMott's No Laughing Mattersault. Test's Big Boot can be used as Kane's, Kevin Nash's, or The Undertaker's Big Boot. The 3 Handled Credenza can be used for Perry Saturn. The 450 can be used as Juventud Guerrera's 450 Splash. The Alabama Slam can be used as Booker T.'s 110th Street Slam. The Angle Lock 2 can be used as Ken Shamrock's Ankle Lock. The Angle Slam 1 can be used as Scott Steiner's Steiner Slam. The Angle's Moonsault can be used for Shannon Moore's Halo. The Backbreaker and Leg Drop can be used for the Full Blooded Italian's Kiss Of Death. The Baldo Bomb can be used as Albert's Derailer. The Big Elbow Drop Pin can be used as Dusty Rhodes' Elbow Drop. The Big Senton Bomb can be used as Sean O' Haire's Seanton Bomb. The Big Splash can be used as Viscera's Big Splash. The Bomb to Facebuster can be used as Billy Kidman's second finisher. The Bonzai Drop can be used as Rikishi's Rump Shaker. The Book End 1 can be used as Chris Jericho's version of The Rock Bottom. The Boston Crab can be used for Rocky Johnson and Rick Martel. The Brainbreaker can be used as Hurricane's Vertabreaker. The Brainbuster DDT can be used for Chavo Guerrero's finisher. The Brainbuster Pin can be used as Goldberg's Jackhammer. The Brother Combination can be used as Mike Tyson's move. The Brother Combination can be used as Shane McMahon's Shane Combination. The Chokeslam 3 can be used as Big Show's One Hand Chokeslam. The Clothesline From Hell 2 can be used as Bill Demott's I'm Not So Happy. The Cobra Clutch can be used as Ted Debaise's Million Dollar Dream. The Cobra Hold can be used as Norman Smiley's Norman Conquest. The Cobra Hold can be used as Rodney Mack's Black Out. The Complete Shot can be used as Nova's Novacaine. The Complete Shot can be

Original entrances for stables

Tag Originals 1. The wrestlers dance like ballerinas. 2. Matrix style where each wrestler go to kick each other, but both miss. 3. Partners appear in a shopping cart, roll down the runway, and hit the ring. 4. Partners appear in car. 5. Partners do strange poses one behind each other's back. 6. HHH and HBK Dx pose. Trio Originals 1. The wrestlers appear in a shopping cart. 2. The wrestlers do Michael Jackson-style moves. 3. The wrestlers do model poses. 4. The wrestlers appear in a car.