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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

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SvR 2011

posted by Cell9000 (JOELTON, TN) Jan 23, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

Ok so i bought it
it's all right game EXCEPT
for a few minor things
here's the CONS
1.Some controls where messed with
i liked the controls in the last game SvR 2010
2.Less People?
What the heck where's like all the legends and stuff
plus you have to go on xbox live to even get chris masters (but it is free)
3.The sound isn't so hot on this game kinda quiet to me

and here are my major probs with this game
(nuff said)
2.the whole thing with Road to Wrestlemania bullcrap is getting annoying
First off not only do you have almost all THE SAME people you had in 2010 RTW
but you have this bullcrap where you free roam
sure it's fun at first but after a while i got annoyed with it

and now here are my PROS (FINALLY)
1.your created superstar has his own road to wrestlemania can create finishers when your opponent is on the turnbuckle now
3.there are even more moves added this year (WWE never seizes to amaze me every year with new moves)
4.Graphics are pretty good

now for some things i would like to see in SvR 2012
1.To be able to convert you created superstar from 2011 to 2012 if you want.(i'm tired of creating the same guy over an over again every year)
2.more people (try more legends and then the new people that come in through the year)

now this something i would want to see just to amaze me
if they could some how make it to where you could created you entrances through a kinect
like what moves you do
like if you wanted to dace the whole time intil you ran to the ring
and then danced some more
AND THEN a whole bunch of fire works went off
anyway i thought the game was alright better in some ways
but worse in others

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freezes up

posted by abamaslam (STEVENSON, AL) Dec 19, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

the game i got freezes up when playing battle royle or royle rumble

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Ho Hum

posted by AaronInc20 (WICHITA, KS) Nov 27, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

I am a huge wrestling dork and was really excited like I am every year when the new SvR comes out and year after year I end up highly disappointed with the effort that goes into the WWE games. Its seems like for the last decade the series has become stagnant while there are some good ideas in this one I worry that as usual they will replace the good with the bad or stay stagnant next time the series releases.

Pros: The one thing I must say is though it is somewhat repetitive the WWE universe mode is a really good idea that was kinda in the series along time ago but was instead replaced with the road to Wrestlemania. I like the fact that you can have an endless career and keep building your characters up and put everyone on whatever show you like. Another pro is little by little evry year the create a finisher keeps expanding to include more.

Cons: While the WWE universe mode is a great idea I would like to see them incorparate a way to get new wrestlers in the later years and have some wrestlers retire and make it your job to stock the WWE. Maybe in next years version they can do a WWE universe with an NXT component during every year giving you about ten guys you can sign if you see potential much like Madden does their draft classes. Another major bone I always have to pick with this game is that the roster is no where near current. I would say at least 30 percent of the main roster is not even in the WWE anymore. I know there are roster updates coming but you have to pay for them and it still is not the entire roster instead it is split up in between two dlc with about 10 guys and divas total. This to me is uncalled for if every major sports game can give out the new rosters at release wwe should be able to do the same. The create a finisher mode is a good concept but the moves come out jerky and twitchy not being smooth at all. The gameplay is ok but I would like to see a hot streak where you chain certain signature moves together like the real matches do

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