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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011


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WWE 2011

posted by Viper561 (BOYNTON BEACH, FL) Nov 2, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

12 out of 15 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Pros: Create your own match mode and WWE Universe exhibition. The create character and moves are deep with many possibilities. Possible downloadable content for new superstars. Legend superstars are available like Rock, Stone Cold, etc.

Cons: Controls should have been kept the same as previous WWE games w/o analog stick. Superstars have repetitive move lists between one another. Not enough of variety in Road to Wrestlemania story mode. AI seems dull and unbalanced, on easy they practically are punching bags and on legend are an unstoppable reverse machine.

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s vs r 2011

posted by ps3machine (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Nov 9, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

Though some parts of this year's game seem slow and clunky, overall this is a nice addition to the series. Your first thought when playing the game is that the new physics engine has both made your favorite superstars a bit slower, clumsier, and fatigued. Your second thought is going to be 'Why did they change the grapple system?'.

After the initial shock of not being last year's game, you start to realized what can be done with this year's version.

Positivies: Created wrestlers downloaded online can be edited! This is a huge plus for the series. There was nothing more frustrating last year than downloading someone's created wrestler and getting rid of them because of some small detail that ruined your suspension of disbelief. This year, if the music, entrance video, attire, move-set, or physical makeup of the CAW isn't quite what you want, you can change it! This opens a ton of doors!

WWE Universe is a welcome addition to this year's game as long as you don't expect too much from it. It simply enhances the realism and context for exhibition matches.

Free roaming is a welcome addition to Road to Wrestlemania, but the overall feel of roaming is redundant and anti climactic with very little payoff. I don't need to hear 10 different ways for susperstars to tell me to get lost.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre are in the game! Not to mention Long Island Iced Z! Woo woo woo, you know it!

Negatives: Gameplay is slower and clunkier at times. The new grapple system can cause repetitive looking matches that don't have the feel for telling a story as superstars truly can.

Basically the game is a step in the right direction and an upgrade over last year's, but the game makers are getting it for this series. It should be exciting to see where they take the future of the series.

I would still like to see 'Create a Championship' back without having to buy the belt. 'Build a Brand' could be a fun game mode for the future.

Great game overall!

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Very Good

A Bigger & Better SvR Game

posted by GreedSama (WESTLAND, MI) Oct 27, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

14 out of 20 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

Like the title say this game is bigger and better then last year game.The game have a big roster and some new and updated modes.

WWE Universe:WWE Universe is the new mode to the Smackdown Vs Raw Series this is what really makes the game.If you enjoy game that you only play for the multiplayer then you will enjoy this.WWE Universe can active is a click of a button and you can also turn it off just in a click of your right stick.WWE Universe talking just playing to a whole new level.The matches you play in Universe mode is really just play now games but better.Universe have the things the made GM mode great like power ranking and much more.In WWE Universe mode anything can happen you will be surprised we you will see in the main event at your PPv.

RTWM:Also got a revamp.You can know roam the backstage area like you did in some of the past games created by THQ.Other then that nothing really have change.

CAW(Created Superstars):You know longer have to earn their ring skill.While you are creating them you can increase their overall and it is really fair.

The gameplay is nice really nice the moves that you land during your match looks good.Storyline creative mode is also back from last year that is also better then the one they had last year.The superstar thread is also back this year for these who care.Controls have also got a makeover but it really nothing big after 4 or 5 matches you will get the hang of it.The game have it ups and downs just like any other games if you is a die hard WWE fan then you will be buying this if you want to get back into the Smackdown Series then this is the game for you.

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