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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008


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Had alot of potential...

posted by Deniz562 (LONG BEACH, CA) Nov 18, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

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-Controls (6 out of 10):
WWE Smackdown V.S. Raw 2008 (SVR08) for the Wii is a game that had alot of pontential in being different and being a better game because of it. The controls actually feel a bit weird and gimmicky. One is that you only punch with your Wiimote only and shake it like crazy you will pull of combos. You shake the nunchuck to throw people to the ropes and it feels weird when doing it. There is no button to run so it feels your stuck just walking (no the case when outside the ring). Where the controls really shine is when acting out the taunts. But, another flaw, is doing the grab moves themselves. They are unresponsive at times and some times don't make sense doing them (except choke slams).

-Single Player (8 out of 10):
Wii has a special "career mode" than the other consoles. SVR08 has Main Event, in where you choose a wrestler and approve fights or ask for them and gain popularity for it. The more popular you are the more stuff you can unlock like wrestlers and arenas.

-Multiplayer: (6 out of 10)
Supports up to 4 players but I couldn't find a mode like Fatal Four Way, in where all players are against each other. The only way they can is in a Tag Team match. Other than that its a fun time to go crazy with friends. Lack of modes does hurt it though.

-Modes (6 out of 10):
Right when the game is loaded you will see Play Now, Main Event, Tournament, Create Modes and Options. Play Now is used to play multiplayer and there is only about 5 different match types, and all are about the same (no cage matches). Main Event is for single player, Tournament for King of the Ring games.

-Graphics (6 out of 10): Players look great but the crowd is horrible.

-Sound (8 out of 10):
Everyones songs are there. Commentary can get very repetitive.

Conclusion: [Avg. of scores](6 out of 10)
Hopefully THQ learns from the mistakes and fixes them and look for a better SVR next year.

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I Love the WWE

posted by darthl1378 (SAINT HELENS, OR) Nov 17, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

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Finally after all these weeks of anticipation it has come to your WII!! First of all the graphics are better than the psp and ps2 COMBINED! The gameplay so fun. You have to act out punches suplexes, powerbombs and the very well known DDT. The controll scheme well I kinda menchend it durring the gamepaly section. The only thing that i have a problem with is the match types. ONLY 5 to choose from. Singles, Hardcore, Tag Team, Triple Threat and K.O. Match[NEW!]. It stinks no ECW extreme rules match.




Match Types:9.5/10

So There u have it my review of smackdown vs raw 2008

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Above Average

What Systems Do You Have?

posted by Freeze17 (KUNA, ID) Nov 17, 2007

Member since Jan 2005

The reason for the title of this review is because if you are a user with only a Wii, and are a wrestling fan then you should get this game. The controls are very easy to use. The moves seem limited but the targeting system seems to respond well. If you have the either the PS3 or XBox 360 I would suggest playing this game on that system over this one.

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