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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008


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Smack Your Wii Around and Feel Raw!

posted by deekim (HOUSTON, TX) Feb 16, 2008

Member since May 2007

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O.k. graphics at 480; this game doesn't really need to be extremely detailed. Lots of move variations. Some match variations. You can play with the females. Mii integration. Different difficulty settings.

Lots of move variations, easy to forget them. No tutorials, but fairly easy to pickup anyway. Lots of Wii-mote waving; some moves will not register unless you completely throw your shoulder out.

Since I have never played any previous wrestling games before I have to say that this was a surprising experience. My younger brother and I had a blast playing this title. He's a button masher so it was kinda natural for him to pick this up. Nevertheless, it gets tiring pretty fast when some of the moves requires extreme Wii-mote waving.

There are some different matches in play now but seems pointless because they feel the same, except 3 vs. match. And tag-team wasn't too bad either. But, once again, it gets tiring pretty fast. Play now is more geared towards two players.

Then you have the match mode where you pick Smack Down or Raw. Where you beat opponents progressively through various cities while building up your character.

One thing I found very interesting was you can actually make your own moves and characters. It's almost limitless in regards to the number of moves you can create. This is probably a good thing because you will more likely remember your own created moves than what's assigned. Then again, with so many move options it would be easy to forget them too, unless you only use a few power moves.

Overall: this is a mixed bag of nut-s for me. Even though I enjoyed playing it I didn't enjoy how tiring it got. Though it was a fairly easy to pick up and play I didn't want to play for long. At first it was pretty exciting, but fails to maintain my interest. When I expected more almonds and cashews I got more plain salty peanuts instead; monotonous game-play.

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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008

posted by tyler0124 (DAVENPORT, FL) Jan 3, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

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This game can confuse esaly on the controls. Graphics, sound, and openers are great, but gameplay is tricky though. Main event mode is really good, but it gets tiring to keep up with every thing thats going on. But trust me is worth it when your holding up that championship belt.

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feels like im in the game

posted by psp360 (SPRINGFIELD, MA) Dec 29, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

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at first the controls were hard i didn't know what to do but i got use to it and learned i was very sad you didn't have all those special matches in exhibition like ladder helld in a cell and other matches that stunk im gonna rent it on the 360 to see if its better and if it has those matches this games a rent for short game play and boring controls you should have had to punch with the wiimote to punch enemy that would of made it great but no instead you shake it wii boxing more enjoyable the picture was ok on the wrestlers but bad on the fans hope this helps

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