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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007


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Best Wrestling game ever played

posted by BillyM (BULLHEAD CITY, AZ) Nov 21, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

This is the best i have played, and i have played all of the smackdowns on the playstation. VERY goo season mode. Alot of things to do, and very interesting story lines. Kept you wondering all the time. The controls are top notch, and i played John Cena and the controls were very good. Get this game!!!

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svr rules

posted by pittbull (NASHVILLE, TN) Nov 21, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

ok first off this game is tight u can fight in the crowd run up ladders do alot of stuff!!!!!!!!!!! but there where a few downfalls like the comnetary same as 06 and when u come out in a tag team 4 instancence say dx is comin out it say triple h i dont no why it dosent say shawn michales werid.the created chareter mode is tight but when u come out like it say from nashville tenn and then it says from tenn its werid needs upgrades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the game season mode is cool gameplay 2 i bought it the 1day it came out go buy it trust me u will like it if u like wwe that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they r comin out with ecw vs raw soon i heard that will be cool i love svr buy it yall u like it wwe rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!

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My first week with the game, and why i love it.

posted by tmartin (MONTGOMERY, AL) Nov 21, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

Now I haven't watched wrestling in YEARS, have probably seen maybe 1 match with new superstars like John Cena, and that was by accident. I've never heard of Kahli or any of that group, and the last time I can remember seeing Batista he was Ric Flairs body guard or somethin.

So, now that you know I'm not a guy that is just going to blindly love a game cause I'm a wrestling fan let me move along to the game.

The first day it came out I picked it up and my poor Gears of War hasn't been picked back up since, and poor ol Call of Duty 3 will be shelved for a while when Gamefly gets it to me (hey I couldn't buy them ALL). This game to me has anything and everything I could want with an online wrestling game. I played wrestling games on the Nintendo 64 til my thumbs wanted to bleed, but I haven't played any since hardly. I swore when one came out with online play I would buy it. Then some titles came out, and the online selection was just a complete joke.. This year, things are very very different.

Online there are more options for matches than I will be able to remember to list, but just a few online options (max 4 players). TLC, Burried Alive, Steel Cage (climb out or pin and submit), Heck in a Cell, Tables, Hardcore, Battle Royal (over the rope or pin and submit), Submission and super submission, and classic 15 minute iron man. Almost all of these matches can be fought in either single, single with 1 or 2 managers, Triple threats, Normal tag, Tornado tag and fatal 4-ways.

The create screens are awesome, any kind, create a character is sweet (i'm working on maxing out a 2nd char). Create a title is fun to defend online (rematches are nice if you lose your belt and have a nice opponet lol)

I don't like that when you go into ranked title matches on live you have to load all your belts, if game freezes while they loaded on xbox, by by belts. I've lost a lot of belts, some with several wins, it hurts, but it's still fun.

Check it out yesterday!

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