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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

The Rock Sharpshooter

Get a special, then make sure you are facing up. Go to his feet and press A + B.

The Rock People's Elbow

When you have a special, throw your opponent to the ropes. When he returns, press Up + A to body slam him. This will automatically make you go to his head. Then, press A + B to start the People's Elbow. When you return from the ropes near the body, press X to drop the elbow.

Easy items

Go to your match options and set ring out time to none. Have a second controller plugged in and start a versus match. You can basically free roam, smash the boxes and easily collect items.

More Create A Superstar items

When you collect an item during a match from the WWF Boxes in the arena, save the game after the match. Go to "Create A Superstar". To equip your character with the item(s) that were collected go to "Extra Appearance." You should be able to select the item that you collected to the body part that it would go on (for example Hat on Head). You can take weapons to the ring by making them your "Favorite Item". You can only choose one "Favorite Item". Do not use the item in a match with DQs (disqualifications).