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WWE: Legends of Wrestlemania

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posted by ChinaCat (TINLEY PARK, IL) Mar 30, 2009

Member since Feb 2008

This is the first game ever that I preferred the video/cut scences over the actually game play. This game could have been so much fun but got old very quick. This game is like flipping a coin. You can either attack or block, thats its. You have very little options. The best part is watching the videos of the actual wrestlers fighting so you can relive the rivalry right before each match. It could have been so much better....

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Above Average

Memories and finishers

posted by killerkhan (NORTHBRIDGE, MA) Mar 30, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

Overall a pretty decent THQ title with easy controls. It is no Nwo vs Wcw which I still say is the best wrasslin game ever.

The draw for this title is to relive, rewrite or to alter the greatest matches from wrestlemania. Also available is a legend killer mode were you can take your homemade wrassler and make him a legend killer. The depth of your available entrance for your wrestler is pretty cool.

If you are a wrestling fan or were at the time this is worth a rent. The buttons and controls are simple. Each match gives you guidelines on what you should try to accomplish to open up unlockables. Your face buttons do the trick for all moves. I think with another 2 months of work this could have been a 10 out of 10.

The graphics are good but I still don't remember the junk yard dog having abs of steel? Anyway, the way Hogan attempts to pick up the Giant and then grabs his back makes me want to pop in the old video and relive the match. Worth the rent buying is up to your individual passion to complete the game 100%.

Stunners and Rock Bottoms!!!

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Above Average

A Nice Idea

posted by DaMikeSC (COLUMBIA, SC) Mar 30, 2009

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Member since Jul 2007

THQ decided to go for a slightly different path than they have taken for the venerable SD v RAW series. LoW is certainly more arcade-y in feel and, honestly, are "baby" easy. Easily the easiest wrestling game I've ever played. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it is hard to ignore that you can pretty easily win a match against ANYBODY in less than 2 minutes.

I like the more cartoony look of the characters here as they both look good and provide a nice alternative to the attempts at more realistic player models in the main series. The guys look close (Dusty looks less fat than he really was --- but did anybody expect anything else out of his model?) enough for gov't work, but the stylized look will make certain that this game looks less dated than a SD v RAW game from, say, 2 years ago.

The game is based around the Legend Killer mode where you can't play as Randy Orton --- but you can import your created guy from SD v RAW or create a new one. You must go through the ranks and defeat legends of WWE history in marathon gauntlet matches, ending with a LONG 38 match stretch to end. For me, the choice of legends is baffling. Koko B. Ware made the cut --- but Steamboat DIDN'T? Why did Neidhart make it, but they couldn't find a spot for Dynamite Kid? Brutus Beefcake is a legend how? JYD?

The other major mode is one they cribbed from the excellent Saturn Giant Gram games where you have to re-enact famous matches from WM history. You can re-do the matches, re-write the matches (where you play the loser and have them win) or re-define, where the match is done is a different manner, such as Andre v Studd at WMI being a HITC match. It's actually a really cool little mode, but not very deep.

This is one of those few games were achievements redeem it. Without them, you'd be done with it in an hour or so. Achievements give you something to shoot for because the devs don't give you much to do. A nice idea, but a poor separate release.

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