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WWE: Legends of Wrestlemania


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Also on:Xbox 360
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Gameplay Controls

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WWE: Legends of Wrestlemania
Directional Button
Move. Run (Double Tap).
Left Analog Stick
Move. Run (Double Tap).
X Button
Quick Grapple (Double Tap). Grapple Moves. Strong Grapple (Hold). Standing Double Team (Hold).
Square Button
Quick Strike. Strong Strike (Hold). Diving Attack (On Turnbuckle). Ladder Diving Attack.
Triangle Button
Block (Hold)
Circle Button
Pin. Drop Down From Ring (On Turnbuckle). Talk to Manager (Hold Near Manager). Pick Up Ladder (Double Tap). Set Up Ladder and Climb (Hold). Tag Partner.
Start Button
Pause Menu
Push Left Analog Stick away from opponent and hit Triangle Button.
Lift Up Opponent From Mat. Irish Whip. Rope Chain. Get Object From Under Ring. Steel Cage Chain.
Enter/Exit Ring. Climb Turnbuckle. Climb Cage. Escape Cage Door.