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Could have been better, but overall lots of FUN

posted by jamie23 (SYRACUSE, NY) Mar 24, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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I'll keep this short and sweet. The game is a must have if you grew up with these "LEGENDS". It brings back lots of great memories of my childhood and before you "RELIVE" or "REWRITE" or "REDEFINE" WWF history you get to watch a re-cap or summary of the match you are about to compete in. It is a great feature to the game and helps refresh your memory of what actually went down. By the time you finish relive, rewrite and redefine you will have completed about 20 classic WWF matches and with the exception of MACHO MAN matches (he isn't in the game because he's a tool) they didn't miss any big matches. The gameplay is very simple and any two year old could play the game. Other than having a little fun with it and bringing back some memories there isn't much to this game. If it was built 100% on the smackdown vs raw engine it would have been much better, but beggars can't be choosers. Excellent roster with over 40 legends/manages in the game and I love how when they put legends in the game such as Undertaker and HHH they went back to the "old" characters and didn't put the new look HHH or Undertaker in it. You get the classic dead guy with Paul Bearer shaking his fat cheeks and you get the prissy Hunter Hearst Helmsley. These are just two examples. The game is worth buying just to see the Ultimate Warrior run down the isle and roid rage on the poor ropes.

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Worth a Rent for the Wrestlemania Mode

posted by Solrina (CANDLER, NC) Jul 20, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

I, pretty much like everyone else, rented this game for what was believed to be, and certainly was, an easy platinum. But even though I played the game for barely 10 hours, it did have at least one thing going for it.

The idea of the game was brilliant. Take some of the biggest stars of WWE's history and put all of them in one game. Unfortunately, the game itself seemed very slapped together. The create-a-legend mode was average at best, the graphics nothing special, the commentary annoying, and the gameplay boring after about 20 minutes of button mashing.

The Legend mode was simple enough, beat 10 guys (38 in the largest tier) to become...well a "Legend." It was very easy to beat and not worth playing after you'd beaten all the tiers.

The Exhibition mode was fun for a while with a friend, and there was lots of match types, including the always fun Royal Rumble. But that too gets old quick.

No, the real fun was the Wrestlemania Tour mode, were you are replaying classic matches of WM's past, but with a twist. In Relive, you are copying a match, having to preform the same moves and events that actually happened, the most fun (and challenging) being Stone Cold v. The Rock at WM 15. In Rewrite you get a chance as a loser to gain some level of revenge by changing the outcome. Finally in Redefine you can chose either wrestler and have a stipulation that never happened. These modes are very fun and extremely nostalgic for those of us that remember some of the old days fondly.

Even better is the video entrances used before these matches that give you insight into the feud in case you did not know, and that was crazy fun to watch.

The game is a very, very short trip down memory lane towards your inevitable platinum, and while it's worth a rent, it'll be out of your memory quickly, as you rush to your next game.

At least I got to play as Greg "The Hammer" Valentine for a while, and that made it worth my time.


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Grows on you

posted by nes2sin (VANCOUVER, WA) May 25, 2009

Member since May 2009

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

This game seemed pretty basic at first, but after i got the hang of the controls, it got a lot better. If you like wwf wrestling, this game recreates 80's style well. the trophys are also very easy to get, and mostly silver/gold. I got the platinum in 2.5 days of renting this one.

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