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Very Good

Worth a rental.

posted by saintzFAN (WEST PALM BEACH, FL) Apr 12, 2011

Member since Jul 2006

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While I don't enjoy the current wrestling product out there, I always find enjoyment in their games. Probably because "the good guy" aka me, never loses and because the customization is off the charts for any console game. While the animation and art style is MUCH more exaggerated than 'serious' wrestling games, other than that there's not much more to be had here. There's a little big of a learning curve but you finally figure out how to constantly win, even though matches will probably be closer than you'd like. The move sets feel a bit limited and there's no way to view signature moves so you end up doing the same one with the Ultimate Warrior even though you've seen everyone has at least 2. Matches are fast paced, which is nice, there's plenty of action and no waiting around for someone to get off the floor (actually there is, but it's only once or twice per match and it's only for a few more seconds than normal). The A.I. still cheats, if you will, by going from nearly defeated to nearly winning, no matter the health bars, plus they can reverse things in ungodly ways if they want. While that sounds like a good way to keep things fresh or 'real', it only made it feel cheap when it was still very difficult for you to reverse things. The 'career' modes (3 different ones, 2 singles and 1 tornado tag) were overall pretty quick, just over an hour to do them. They're nothing spectacular but they're not horrible either. Finally, unlocks and achievements. The offline achievements were not bad, especially for a wrestling game, and were all do-able within a week of rental. The unlocks, however, were quite the opposite. For all entrances, move sets, finishers, and alt. attires you needed to beat 1 to 2 career paths with each wrestler. I did it with 4 people in a week's time, and yes it became VERY redundant. All in all, a very good rental with a bit of fun but it gets old quick and really not worth a full retail price (originally I thought it was going to be an XBLA title)

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GF Rating

Very Good

Plain FUN!!

posted by KayotixTX (CANYON LAKE, TX) Apr 5, 2011

Member since Nov 2008

9 out of 9 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Yeah ok, its not Smackdown vs Raw BUT its freaking FUN!! The wrestlers are all over the top in terms of looks and its pure arcade bliss. From Rock Bottoms 20 feet high and old classics like Hogans Leg drop or Macho Mans flying elbow its all here!!

Younger people may not know the old classic WWE guys but this game brings them back in all their over the top glory!!

Graphics are cartoony and over the top, music is the good old classic WWE rock and entrances will get you pumped up. If you want a good old fashion fighting/wrestling game then this is it.

Rent or buy, just try it out if your a fan of the WWE

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GF Rating


wwe all stars

posted by Outlawz1 (EAST CHICAGO, IN) Feb 3, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

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very easy game too play for hours

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