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WWE All Stars


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Gameplay Controls

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WWE All Stars
Directional Button
Left Analog Stick
Right Analog Stick
Target Next Opponent. Change Hold (In Grapple). Turn Opponent Around (In Turnbuckle).
X Button
Quick Grab. Attack with Object.
Square Button
Quick Strike. Attack with Object.
Circle Button
Strong Grab. Attack with Object.
Triangle Button
Strong Strike. Attack with Object. Charged Strike.
L1 Button
Grab Counter. Reversal.
L2 Button
Pin Opponent. Climb Turnbuckle. Enter/Exit Ring. Search for Object Under Ring. Pick Up Object. Drop Object. Climb Cage.
R1 Button
Strike Counter. Reversal.
R2 Button
Run. Irish Whip Opponent (In Grapple).
Start Button
Pause Menu
Signature Move
Finisher (Hold). Store Finisher.