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GF Rating


Pretty Good

posted by 147422 (FRISCO, TX) Jan 2, 2013

Member since Dec 2011

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I like it. It has a ton of superstars. Plus, they even have the Great Khali. They didn't have him in the 2011 one. The controls were pretty hard and it was very least likely to make a reversal. But the stages are cool and Kane looks awesome!

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Not in mail

posted by Nobs4Lyf (FARMINGTON, NM) Feb 7, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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The game I ordered says it came but it didn't

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GF Rating


Wwe 13

posted by DjGhostEnt13 (MCRAE, GA) Jan 6, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

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The game is great but y'all sent me a bad copy of it it would not play after the mankind era and that sucked

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posted by Herbjr11201991 (GROVE CITY, OH) Oct 31, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

I had this game in my gameq then it was shipped to my address then I got an email saying that the postal service sent the game back so I didn't get to play the game has this ever happened to anyone else.

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I thought I owned a Wii, not a Gamecube remake...

posted by fullert0465 (DARIEN, WI) Dec 17, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

The gameplay was weak. I mean, seriously? Get my (expletive) kicked, on easy, by Dolph Zigler, as The Rock? Seriously?
I'll add the 360 and PS3 versions to my GameQ in the hopes that the graphics, gameplay, and story are better on better systems...
Graphics were terrible on the Wii. I really thought I was playing a Gamecube game...

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GF Rating

Really Bad

The Good,the Bad,The Ugly and the Same

posted by Wembley38 (FAIRLAND, IN) Nov 15, 2012

Member since Nov 2005

I am going to give this game about a 7.
The Good...
Attitude Era mode and the AE Stars
Large roster
Large Selection of Arenas
Make your own show

The Bad...
AI is HORRIBLE they wait for you to do whatever you want
You literally can't get up when you fall off a ladder and the game can glitch if you get knocked down hard enough making you shut it off fall of the ladder once and you WILL lose a ladder match
WWE Universe booking sucks you will end up having to edit the matches on your show. It wants to make allies,tag teams,etc. fight each other.
The Ugly (or the Same)
Graphics-There is no excuse for this pile of pixelated slime.I have seen better graphics on other Wii games and last gen games.
Most of the creation system is exactly the same.They added and took out a few things but it's pretty much the same old same old.
The Wii got crapped on again.No online (though some of the PS2 WWE games were online.No create an arena or create a belt.Even Fire Pro Returns for the PS2 let you create a ring or a belt.The game is glitchy as all get out and since you are playing on the Wii THQ doesn't give a darn.
The game does have some really cool stuff like giving someone the Last Ride on the edge of the cell and OMG moments and it is fun to play but honestly THQ should be ashamed of this pile of sludge and the WWE should be ashamed to be associated with it.
One more slap in the face to Wii players.No Ryback,Sandow and although I hate the guy Antonio Cesaro.These are all key players in the WWE and they are DLC or not for the Wii.If you want to make Too Cool or whatevedr DLC I don't care but when you hold current champions as hostages for DLC that means the Wii doesn't get it.
All in all if you are a big fan of wrestling and the WWE series you'll probably like this game though you are better off getting it for another system if you can.

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GF Rating


Good but difficult to control

posted by chrono36 (NAMPA, ID) Nov 7, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

Ok when I got this game I was very skeptical. And I was right to be. If your not good with controls your gonna get beatup and pinned alot. If you have a classic controller it makes it easier but even on easy difficulty you can get slammed before you even press a button. Graphics are good. Variety is what makes this game fun. There are tons of modes and wrestlers and you can even make your own WWE Superstar and put him on the roster and wrestle the greats or go on tour and be the best in the world.No pun intended. All in all I gave this a 5 because of the controls.Controls make the game and there difficult to master in the beginning and the game seems sluggish in my opinion. Should give you hours of fun tho

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