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posted by raymondx (APACHE JUNCTION, AZ) Mar 29, 2013

Member since Mar 2012

So i read that this game was very similar to the n64 which is semi true but not enough. The controls were similar but not as good as the classics. I just don't get why the cant make it more like WWE Superstars that was perfect!!! An the counter system was awful, just awful..The graphics were ps2 status at best and not up to par.

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posted by reymysterio619 (PERU, IN) Feb 23, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

the game would not play because it stopped at 46% while installing

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All the features cannot fix an already broken game

posted by ddmrob87 (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Dec 13, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

This game is completely broken. There is no other words to describer it other than that. Nothing even works. The reversal system is too difficult for even the easiest of settings because the game doesn't allow the prompts to follow up.

Other than the controls I have ran into glitches like no ones business. How am I supposed to play a game that doesn't allow me to complete a match because the game all of a sudden decided to freeze? Better yet explain how one character animation just freezes in the middle of a match then once he is hit or thrown into the ropes he's ok again?

If I had to recommend this game to a kid then, I believe I would be responsible for the crime of child abuse. Seriously not worth playing at all. Nothing about it is playable not even the special matches. Half the time I wished I was playing another WWE game because this one is so broken beyond recognition. This game seems really rushed and if I were THQ I wouldn't have made this game.

Don't get me wrong. I love the WWE games but this one is utter garbage and does not even do the due diligence as the Smackdown Vs Raw titles have done. It makes most of the Smackdown titles seem better because everything works as it should. I would even say Smackdown Know Your Role is way better than this and that game had it share of letdowns.

I practically rented this one but didn't pay the reviewers any mind and now I do. I don't ever want to play this game ever again and I can't believe anyone who had this game was even remotely satisfied with what they had in their hands.

A few issues I had that frustrated me the most. 1) The RTW mode is too hard as it is even on EASY. I am not stupid or anything, just tired of trying to break my own fingers in a match because I think my new controller is broken. 2) The AI partners are dull and the AI opponents are too overpowered. Half the time I was in the ring my opponent was right there to either get in more moves or land their signature and finisher.

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