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Not the best but a great attempt

posted by Sangrinn (NORTH ANDOVER, MA) Dec 11, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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As my title says this isn't the greatest game for a few reasons. This game is decent but addictive. Universe mode is addicting once all is said and done. I read reviews where people say you cant get rid of the excess belts, first off you have to put them on someone you never intend on using, in my case Yosi Tatsu. I had WCW Nitro on Monday and WWE Main Event (created arena) on Friday. Things here can be fixed, Draft was set on but never happened without Raw and Smackdown. Aside of my rant here are the problems.

Game play- while addictive it's still pretty bad, you have to tap/hold buttons for different moves and the console doesn't recognize this all the time.
If you interfere in a match, the one you are trying to help will attempt to attack you, even if they are on your team. The AI can break up moves in a ridiculous fashion and that has to go. In some cases this can be a good thing but in most scenarios I have been in it hasn't.
Road to Wrestlemania... Enough of the 3 on 1s, I can't tell you how overwhelming this becomes when this happens 3 or 4 times in a row..

Create an Arena- Ok this was awesome for the first attempt. The creativity is great and excellent execution
however it would be nice to change the stage to where as some arena's don't have the stage and also use a retro setup where there are retro logos.
Create a design- whatever this was called still this could use a lot of work. It would be nice to import a design.

Overall 7/10 the gameplay is addicting and where I pointed out some of the problems there are many positives. Create an entrance video is an example. The presentation is epic. Really looks like your watching it on TV. There are cut scenes in Universe mode.You can injure people. I've had Kevin Nash come back from injury just to hunt me down after a title defense which was a 5 star match in my opinion. It's really a game to enjoy but has promise for future releases.

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Probably Biased but still....

posted by thadarksandman (ATTLEBORO, MA) Nov 26, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

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28 year fan of WWE, and played every wrestling game since "Wrestlemania" on NES. I liked the SvR series but it had gotten a tad stale.

WWE 12 is a complete overhaul. The Campaign is solid, good story but a little aggrivating with some objectives.

The controls are much more intuitive. those of you who mash buttons will find that the game doesn't do the same move 50 times in a row, but it responds to the situation(how damaged opponent is, where in the ring you are).

The physics is spot on, and you can even interupt moves when you are the odd man out, a feature long overdue. You can also target limbs with the target system, which is great when you need a submission. Previous games some wrestlers would have an arm submission but no moves to work the arm, creating unwinnable submission matches.

Other than that, the customization, and Universe mode make this the greatest wrestling game EVER(No Mercy is overrated anyway, get over it.) Customize wrestlers, rings, videos, stables and even create your own virtual WWE brand, and run it as the GM. Make storylines, share your creations online..........this is more a sandbox game than people will realize.

Multiplayer is a lot less laggy than previous editions as well.

Surpassed all my expectations. SvR moved WWE into the next gen graphically, but this is the first true next gen WWE game, not just last gen with nice visuals.

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havnt had it long but

posted by jeep_guy89 (EDMOND, OK) May 19, 2012

Member since May 2012

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in the "road to wrestlemaina" feature it seemed like i was always fighting 3 or more guys making it very hard and annoying to win matches. seemed cool at first but then realized that i was going to have to try many times to win the championship. this is my first wwe game ive played in a while. though alot of things are cool and i have enjoyed. the story line makes the rivalries intense.

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