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posted by Bossman507 (RICHMOND, VA) May 13, 2013

Member since May 2013

this game is awesome it's been a while since thq delivered such a great wwe game the rtwm is okay it could've been better by not having in match cinemas graphics are pretty good i guess thq wanted to go out with a bang by far one of the best wwe games in a while...

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Very Good

WWE 12...better...but still not great.

posted by Wembley38 (FAIRLAND, IN) Sep 21, 2012

Member since Nov 2005

This is a review of WWE 12 for the Wii.
Obviously the Wii is the new Playstation 2 and they just half-baked ports of games for it.For instance in WWE 12...

No online. How does this happen?I don't wrestle online unless I am the special guest referee.But no Community Creations...that's just lame.
No create an arena. Again...lame. This could have been done. The Wii gets crapped on...again.
The graphics SUCK. Now some would have you believe that all graphics on the Wii suck but that's not true. THQ is lazy. Period.
This is especially true if you have a fancy HD tv. The graphics look horrible.

Things I liked about WWE 12:
There seems to be more moves. I won't give THQ credit for putting moves back into the game that they took out earlier but are a few new ones.
Comebacks. Although there are few Comebacks in the game giving a wrestler the Comeback ability without assigning a Comeback move will give said wrestler a signature move at the appropriate time.
Other notable things are an increase in the ability to use springboard moves (although,sadly,you can't assign some of these (Beautiful Disaster).Some running moves (Running Legdrop) can't be used for finishers either. Wrestlers also have specific moves for ladder,heck in a cell,royal rumble matches,etc.

Things I don't like...
The clipping sucks.Flying,springboard and running moves are lousy and you never know when you will hit your opponent or vice versa.THQ sucks at this and for some reason refuses to do anything about it. Speaking of suck that never changes...or in this case gets worse every year...
Commentary. With all of the technology at their disposal no video game creator has had the ability to gt commentary right. But it just seems like THQ goes out of their way to make it worse.
I am running out of review space but I do enjoy this game with the flaws.I simulate matches and it is cool to manipulate my own WWE universe.I recommend this to any WWE fan with a Wii and no other system.

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Very Good

WWE 12

posted by Napoli25 (ARLINGTON, TX) Jun 30, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

This game is great 4 wii ive owned it before and i love it even though i pretty much hate WWE since i found out its fake 2 years ago

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