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Why I rated this game 3 or "Bad"

posted by mxpxmxpx (SAN CLEMENTE, CA) Sep 6, 2008

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First off, me and my daughter really enjoyed the movie. So I popped in the game and was pleasantly surprised how good it looked, graphics wise, and how much it followed the story. So why the bad review? Well, first off the controls are horrible! One major function is shaking the wii remote to pick stuff up. Half the time it doesn't work! Very very frustrating. Also you use the nunchuck to 'drive' wall-e around. But it's so sensitive he's all over the place! Let's talk about camera angle next. Usually this isn't a big deal to me because i can pretty much get used to anything, but in this case there's no getting around it. Mainl because you can't really adjust it to a better angle...
Last but definetly not least- the actual game play itself. It's boring. You go around and collect things. that's pretty much it. Not really any enemies or bosses or anything like that. Just go and collect stuff. The last straw that broke the camel's back was when my daughter looked up at me like, "are you kidding? this is sooo boring!" Yeah, I know dear.
BUT awesome graphics, awesome movie clips and a multiplayer feature. If you are like a 'die hard fan' of pixar or Wall-E, go ahead and rent it and see for yourself. if you are not a hardcore fan and just thought the movie was good, then don't play this game. You really will be disappointed! Happy gaming people! bye for now!

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Very Good

I loved the Movie, loved the game.

posted by Hiroshima (FLORENCE, KY) Jul 11, 2008

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I'm not a hard core gamer, But I grew up playing on every single system after the commodore 64. So I do love to play.

After watching the movie, I bought the game and me and the kids got started playing. The Wii controls take some getting used to, thats to be expected. Most younger kids will have issues trying to drive, and lock on target while blasting and jumping out of the way. But it does make it fun to learn!

Wall E was a blast to play, the levels were all challenging in the kids can do it, grown ups will probably say it was too easy kind of way. But even I had a blast overcoming the challenges of the game.

I think the Eve levels could have been better. They have you flying in timed missions versus letting you explore and conquer. So you wind up blasting thru it so quickly that you are now back to using Wall E.

The levels where u can use both characters were great, I have NO complaints about that.

Overall I would say, if you have kids older than 5 it would be a good game to have in the collection.


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A bad camera and bad firing controls sink WALL-E

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 27, 2008

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WALL-E, based on the Pixar movie, is your average 3D platformer; you go from point A to B, search for hidden objects, fight other robots, jump over obstacles and/or solve puzzles.
WALL-E and EVE are interesting characters, and the cut scenes are fun to watch.
However, just like many other 3D platformers, WALL-E suffers from a camera out of control. The camera has more interest in showing you a blank wall than the robots that are trying to destroy you. It also hinders in the jumping portions of the game.
Yes, you can adjust the camera, but I found the experience more like me fighting it to show me what I wanted to see, not what it wants me to see.
Another problem is EVE's gun; it's very inaccurate - or very weak. I lined up the perfect shot against a group of robots and fired, but they didn't react to my fire until the third or fourth shot; then, they exploded. (AI not very smart here.)
And with the before mentioned camera, this game needs a manual lock on in the worst way. Without it, fire fights became exercises in running about in circles.
Multiplayer is your average collection of games; shooting gallery, player vs. player, coperate, and so on. There's nothing wrong with it, but there's nothing special about it, either.
I say see the movie and skip this game; even the mighty Pixar can't make a worthy game based on a movie.

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