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posted by Cuddles (HAMLIN, NY) Sep 16, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

There is something about this game that made my little ones and I very motion sick. We turned off the control inverting. We didn't have any of the vibration features on. But all of us ( we played it at different times ) ended up feeling very motion sick. Needless to say, we sent the game back after an hour.

The controls need to be fine tuned a bit. The camera spins too fast and can be problematic. The graphics are terrible. It is hard in some areas to distinguish where you need to go because of the sub par graphics. The game is also very short. I have friends on my xbox live gamer list who have completed it in about 5 hours.

The character is cute. The story line is cute. The repetitive voice comments from dispensers in the background are ANNOYING. The game just wasn't worth playing if it was making us ill. We would have loved to have played it more, but from what we saw in an hour, the game is rather subpar.

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Programmers Do it again

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Sep 15, 2008

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Well her is another Game that had a chance to be A good game but the Programmers thought they knew what was good and Didn't. I started off and thought hey this could be a good game But Quickly changed my Mind On That. the first Problem I have is the Stupid camera angles It is Hard enough to control but it is made worse when you have to continually have to fight the Game to get the camera so you can actually see what your doing. Second Major Problem are the areas that you have to negotiate trhough that the controls dont work right because Some Programmer thought" Hey Lets Make it so the Player has no traction so when he trys to move he can't really go where they want"
Even if that was Not the case most of the time the camera will not let you move it to where you can Actually see what Your trying to do. I really do wonder if game companies actually test Play these games before they Ship them. In this case i dont think CAPCOM even has a clue because if they would have tryed to play this game like it is they never would have let it go out like this. If I was You I wouldnt waste My Rentals on this Trash and Please DO NOT Buy it it would be nothing but a waste of Money if you Buy it.
This is an Avoid at all costs Game if it can be called a game that is

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posted by videos (ROCK SPRINGS, WY) Aug 16, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

Why are they turning their new cartoon movies into games? seriously. I mean yea the game is fun. But who the HE|LL would want to get a game based on a childs movie? I don't like kids movies souly because they're boring. Especially the ones where the main character is a talking animal. The game was fun but I don't see the point in getting a game that is basicly what you just saw in the theatre just interactive. Buy it burn it don't care but Pixar I beg you DO NOT make anymore movies or games until you get yourself to realize that most kids would rather go and play God of War on the thirteenth 360 their parents have bought them.

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