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GF Rating

Very Good

A great platformer for fans

posted by Katosepe (MISSOULA, MT) Jul 15, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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This game proves that if you don't do anything spectacular but you do a bunch of things okay, you can still have a good game.

Gameplay: Voodoo Vince has okay platformer gameplay with an extreme emphasis on jumping puzzles. They take a lot off of the whole collect various random objects and if you get them all you get a prize that so many platformers are stock full of. There is still some (collect 100 zombie dust bags and you get an extra life bar, collect all the pages and follow a skull for more voodoo power) but not nearly as much as most of these kinds of games. Also you can easily beat the game without collecting anything. Which brings me to my next point. Difficulty. There are few parts in this game that are a challenge but those parts are some of the most frustrating jumping puzzles i have ever been through. For the most part, however, the difficulty is okay and isn't too easy but isn't frustratingly hard either. If you enjoyed games like Vexx or Jak and Daxter, you will most likely enjoy this game.

Sound: The music fits very well with the Louisiana setting. Most of the music is Jazzy and upbeat which is cool. It won't get you humming the music either though. The voice-overs are okay throughout the game with the best, by far, as the main enemy, Kosmo. The voices fit the characters with the exception of Vince who sounds a little too tough for his role.

Graphics: The graphics are good but not amazing in any way. The landscapes and level design are really well done, but on the other hand, the character models, aside from Vince, seem really poorly done with very little detail.

Overall: Overall, Vince is a short game but very fun while it lasts. I recommend it for a rental but if you're looking to buy a game, skip over this one.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Very Nice for an Earlier X-Box game

posted by jho3ky5 (LITTLE RIVER, SC) Jun 6, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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For being one of the early adventure-type games on the platform, this game is very sound in a number of aspects. The environments are quite detailed and very interactive. The music is appropriate and in some instances, soothing. The animations and some of Vince's quotations, as well as many of the mini-games are humorous rather than simply time-consuming. The game can get difficult, especially towards the end; however, a very nice game to play indeed.

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GF Rating

Above Average

You stuck the pin where!?

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Oct 27, 2008

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Voodoo Vince takes an unlikely hero, a voodoo doll, on a quest to save his owner from a disembodied head. Same old, same old...
Okay, I'll give Vince this much: the setting and atmosphere are original. Taking place along the streets of New Orleans, the game takes it's a Cajun-flavored approach to it's music, graphics and storyline. From the French quarter to the bayou, the game has style to spare.
Along the way, Vince will have tons of minions to take out. Most of these are dispatched with punches and spin kicks. But collecting enough beads gives you access to voodoo powers that can clear large areas in no time. More voodoo powers unlock throughout the game and, although they do basically the same thing, are fun to use. You'll get shot, crushed, eaten by sharks, etc. and you're enemies will meet a similar fate. The masochistic gameplay extends to boss battles as well. Electrocute yourself to get rid of the dinosaur skeleton or land on spikes to dispatch of the two-headed lizard.
While the idea is cool, the game is a pretty standard platformer. You jump, smack around some enemies and collect stuff. Much of the game will feel like games you've played before. If I can level one complaint, it's death. Dying takes one of your lives and eliminates all your built up voodoo. Death comes most often from water and bottomless pits. This is actually more confusing than anything. Vince gets run over by cars, chopped up in meat grinders, sliced to bits and set on fire with no negative side effects, but touch some water and it's curtains for you. It also makes little sense as to why your enemies can cause you damage when that's the case.
At any rate, the game proves fun and creative, but not revolutionary or innovative. It looks good, sounds good and plays well, but has little substance underneath the clever exterior.

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