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A good blend of simple and complex gameplay

posted by ravie77 (SAN JOSE, CA) Nov 20, 2006

Member since Jul 2004

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The target audience for this game is odd. On the surface it looks bright, colorful and cute and the game play is simple enough for any child. Once you start getting deeper into the game though you realize that there is a lot under the surface that most pre-teens just won't be able to understand.

You start the game with a small bare plot of land. You need to clean up the land and make it attractive so pinatas will come and visit, hopefully become a resident. Making a pinata a resident can be as simple as having a few flowers planted, most of the other pinatas need to eat the papery flesh and candy guts of others pinatas though before they'll stay.

Yes, pinata cannibalism is rampant in this game. Just like in real life, Viva Pinata has a food chain and the smaller and cuter the pinata the more likely it is to be food for a bigger pinata. Understanding and exploiting this food chain is the key to attracting more valuable pinata, which can then be sold off. You don't have to sell off your pinata but the land of Viva Pinata is a capitalist society and you need money to make your garden more attractive and to buy new and improved tools. You could make money by growing fruits, vegetables and flowers but the real money is in the Pinata trade.

Viva Pinata is a game worth a try. It'll only take two hours to be either completely bored with it or, like me, completely addicted.

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GF Rating


Exceeds expectations

posted by BruinsFan (BEVERLY, MA) Dec 27, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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Now I dont know what some expected from this game, but I was thinking like most, kids game. If I knew a kid that could play this game well I would buy stock in him.
This game is absolutely beautiful looking. the colors are vibrant and the creatures are very creative. The artistic design has yet to be out done on the Xbox360.
the game play is clever, not entirely knew, but clever. Its your not so typical sim game. You make a visiting species happy and he will take up residence in your garden. Then another will move in, eventually you get them to mate and have offspring and so the food chain begins. Yes you have to sacrifice some of your Pinatas to make others happy.
Its all very engaging and addictive. The hours will just melt buy.
I highly recommend Viva Pinata to "anyone". this game can please even the most die hard shooter fan to the casual gamer alike.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good Change of Pace

posted by Vehlt44 (BROOKFIELD, WI) May 7, 2007

Member since May 2007

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At the beginning of the game you've inherited a piece of land on Pinata Island to restore to its past glory of a garden haven for a variety of Pinatas and plants. The game premise is relatively simple, make sure your garden is well cared for by watering plants, and providing an appropriate habitat for wandering Pinatas who are looking for a home. Throughout the story you receive upgrades to your gardening tools as your gardening prowess grows, which is shown by the levels you gain from Pinatas moving into your garden and plants thrive. You can romance Pinatas which then create new Pinatas of that same species which allows another way for your garden population to grow. Your garden can also be upgraded through purchases which range from homes for your Pinatas to live and romance to hats for your Pinatas to wear. Occasionally sours or bad Pinatas will make there way into your garden and will cause you Pinatas to get sick but thankfully the village comes equipped with a doctor who always on call and will come to your aid.
Both the sound effects and music are fantastic for this kid targeted game. The effects fit appropriate events as its easy to tell if something good or bad occurred just by the sound effect. The same can be said for the music, which changes frequently enough not to be to repetitive.
The graphics are very good. All the Pinatas are very colorful and while they don't always move in the most realistic manor, what can one expect from Pinatas! The animations are very unique and I loved the fact that the Pinatas interact with each other and any objects in the garden.
Game play:
The game play was disappointing. It becomes relatively formulaic, as one continues to plant seeds, water them, romance Pinatas, and wack Sours that invade your garden. Its a great game for a break from the typical 360 game but its clearly a title designed for a child's learning curve. A good title but not a must have, unless have young kid(s).

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