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Viva Pinata


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Rare pinata

First get a flame brand tortch at costalas then plant loads of flowers. A taffe fly will come for the flowers. When its a resident direct it to the tortch when its lit. As soon as the pinata is on fire put it out and it will turn in to a rare RED HOT!


If you get a pretztail, hortasheo, sherbat and a shellybeen to eat a blue bell they will turn blue.


To get a zumbug you have to get a horstasheo to eat a blackberry and a deise flowerhed.

Attracting Pinatas

If you want to attract a certain Pinata, go to your Pinata Encyclopedia inside your journal for hints.

Red Fertilizer

Use the Red Fertilizer on a growing chili plant to increase its value and size.

Get a Red Hot

1.Get a taffly resident. 2. Buy a fire brand from Costolot's. 3. Place it anywhere in the garden. 4. Direct the taffly to the firebrand. 5. He will catch on fire. 6. Get out your watering can. 7. Pour water on taffly before the fire goes out. 8. Taffly turns into a red hot.