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Viva Pinata: Party Animals


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Great potential, but big flaws

posted by SpaceNinja (PETALUMA, CA) Nov 14, 2007

Member since Nov 2005

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A mini-game tournament starring the Viva Pinata characters is a cool concept. Too bad the execution failed.

1) The mini-games that you want to play cannot be played at any time. You have to be lucky that the tournament selection will pick that mini-game in some long sequence of mini-games. They focus around racing tracks too much. These are fine by themselves, but it would have been nice to have a choice of not including them. What is really needed is to customize your own tournament line-up! Even allow duplication of your favorites.

2) They should have allowed the users to pick any animal -- not just four.

3) The voice commentary is really bad. They are depressing (as if they know this game is bad) and very repetitive.

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repetitious overkill

posted by Snooze (BARTLESVILLE, OK) Nov 6, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

2 out of 7 gamers (29%) found this review helpful

My kids are Viva Pinata fanatics. They were not however captured by this title. I played a few games myself and I found the pinata's a bit floaty in the races and most of the mini games proved very difficult for the kids to handle. Some of the games were fun but were killed with repetition. Unlocked games only proved to be the same game with a different background. They didn't play this game past Day 1. I'm just sorry I didn't get it out in time for Saturday's mail. I'm glad I could rent it here and not waste my money buying it as a Christmas gift.

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did you LOVE viva pinata?

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Nov 15, 2007

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okay, so i think its rather fair to say that viva pinata was and still is a great game to waste you time on(who needs to study or work?), so a good spinoff game should be equally as good right?
i am very disapointed to say that this isnt so.
party animals is a wholly unoriginal game (unlike its predesesor) that is based on the characters of the saturday morning kids show "viva pinata", and does a barely good attempt at making a party game. so lets give the possitive aspects first.
1. it has okay graphics and okay gameplay.
2. some of the comentary during the races r funny.
3. if you realy need a party game on the 360, this provides fairly good 4 player splitscreen fun.
now the negatives.
1.there are MUCH better party games out there.
2.ther are WAY too many races and not enough race COURSES.
3.while the minigames are fun, they are very repetitive.
4.most adults and teenagers wont be able to play this game very long, and will lose interest.
again, if you REALY need a party game for ur 360, go ahead and try this, it isnt TERRIBLE. but i have to say that the viva pinata fans out there probably would have enjoyed a simple sequel or at least an expansion pack to viva pinata much, much more. sorry RARE, but dont fix what aint broke, and don't do LAME SPINOFFS!

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