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Viva Pinata: Party Animals


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If you like Mario Party, play mario party

posted by GesusFish (Worcester, MA) Nov 14, 2007

Member since Jun 2005

I may be too old to be reviewing this game because I'll tell you right now if you're over the age of 12 then this game is probably not for you. The Viva Pinata license may make you hope for some vestige of the fun you saw in the first game, but this is NOT A SEQUAL. This is a party game, and an X-box party game at that. Traditionally not the system you'd go to for party fun the 360 does not disappoint with this poor effort to cash in on another license with a weak game.

Graphics - They're good, they look like viva pinata. But let's be honest here, this is the 360. It had better look good. So while it's smooth, no big points here.

controls - Like any other mini-game fest the controls range from way too easy handling to mashing on buttons and hoping the cursor goes where you want it to.

sound - The music's alright but you'll never notice it over the annoying and repetitive remarks by the games announcers who are both equipped with some form of irritating accent (french and new york)which get old after about 5 minutes of play.

gameplay - while there are a couple of minigames that are fun I never found myself thinking "oh boy, i get to play this one again".

achievements - they're gettable. It'll take you a few hours but eventually you'll rack them up. If you're willing to settle for 400-700 and not the full 1000 you can actually stop playing before you hate the game.

In the end if you have to play a party game on the 360 I do recommend this one, but only on the basis that Fusion Frenzy is your only other option, and that game is such a piece of trash even this one looks good by comparison.

So, Gamefly it if you really love VP (game or show), if you really want a party game, or just need some quick achievements. Otherwise, get out your N64 and play Mario Party because it's just plain better.

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Who invited the party poopers?

posted by Ghorta (ORLANDO, FL) Nov 13, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

Repetitive and boring gameplay with short and unentertaining races with so many powerups that you'll think it's Crash Bandicoot on speed...

The minigames would be all right if there were a board game to it and the races don't serve any other purpose than to make you more bored. This game has little purpose and even what little it has is so minor you'd probably look at it and wonder if you're looking at a piece of sand that's been cut in half twice.

I rented the game and on the same day I got it, I sent it back in, half the time you're looking up at the top of the screen and there's a constant chain of achievements....this game was a disgrace, the previous one was great, but this one is just so horrible it should be taken back, and the achievement points shouldn't count since you can race once and get at LEAST 5....

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Very odd version of mario kart

posted by GearHalo (BRIGHTON, CO) Nov 12, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

This game is like mario kart but no where as good. In the start of every game you do a race that lasts about 2 min and then you do a some times fun or a some times dumb mini game. You often do the same mini game over and over again. This is a kid based game because adults will get bored really quick. I beat the game in 1 day and sent it back because its just repative. This has online play the thing is there is no one online that plays. this. Over all its fun at first then it just gets boring in 20 min. If you have kids they will love it. Over all

graphics- 9/10

Game play 4/10

Replay value- 1/10

Online 2/10

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