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Virtua Tennis 4


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Also on:Xbox 360, Wii
GF Rating

230 ratings

Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Arcade Beginner (Bronze)

Clear a stage in Arcade Mode

Doubles Beginner (Bronze)

Clear a stage in Arcade Mode Doubles

Grand Slammer (Bronze)

Clear Singles Mode

Doubles Grand Slammer (Bronze)

Clear Doubles Mode

Arcade Star (Bronze)

Achieve a player score of 5,000,000 points

Arcade Hero (Bronze)

Achieve a player score of 7,770,000 points

Tennis God (Platinum)

Collect every trophy

Unlock Duke

Complete Arcade Mode without losing and defeat Duke.

Online Veteran (Silver)

Log 10 hours of online play time

Big Hitter (Silver)

Hit 250 MAX Serves

Super Player (Silver)

Hit 100 super shots

Ultimate Star (Gold)

Become: Ultimate Star

Online Master (Gold)

Reach Rank A

Power Smash! (Gold)

Hit 250 smashes

Best Stroker (Bronze)

Win 100 points with ground strokes

Volley Master (Bronze)

Win 100 points with volleys

Great King (Silver)

Defeat the King in Arcade Mode Singles

Poker Face (Silver)

Get 10 royal straight flushes in Royal Poker

Moneybags (Silver)

Collect 1000 coins in Coin Match

Accomplished (Silver)

Become: Accomplished

Endless Rally! (Bronze)

Sustain a rally for 30 shots

Crowd Pleaser (Bronze)

Hit a running shot

All-Out Player (Bronze)

Hit a diving shot

Rocket Server (Bronze)

Hit a serve at 200km/h (124.3mph) or faster

Marathon Runner (Bronze)

Run 42km (26mi)

Swing Machine (Bronze)

Swing 5000 times

Online Debut (Bronze)

Play online with a customised character

First Online Victory (Bronze)

Win a Ranked Match

Online Streak (Bronze)

Win three consecutive Ranked Matches

10 Wins! (Bronze)

Win 10 matches

Loving It! (Bronze)

Win 10 Love games

Pushing it to the MAX! (Bronze)

Hit four consecutive MAX serves

Good Partner (Bronze)

Acquire 3 doubles partners

My Style (Bronze)

Acquire a play style

100 Stars! (Bronze)

Earn 100 stars

20 Awards! (Bronze)

Earn 20 awards

Tycoon (Bronze)

Earn 1,000,000 in total prize money

Shopaholic (Bronze)

Purchase 50 types of items in the Kit Catalogue

Bomb Fiend (Bronze)

Detonate 20 bombs in the opponent's court in Bomb Match

Wind Master (Bronze)

Pop 3 balloons in one Wind Match

Wall Whiz (Bronze)

Hit a wall 5 times with the ball in one Wall Match

World Debut (Bronze)

Participate in the World Tour

World Tour Cleared! (Bronze)

Clear the game

Famous (Bronze)

Become: Famous

Medal Collector (Bronze)

Earn three Points Won medals

Balloon Popper (Bronze)

Pop 30 balloons in Practice Mode

Exhibitionist (Bronze)

Play 10 Exhibition Matches

Great Sniper (Bronze)

Achieve a 5x Combo in Clay Shooting

Mother Hen (Bronze)

Deliver at least 10 chicks simultaneously to their mother in Egg Collector

Hat Tricker (Bronze)

Score 3 goals in a row in Ace Striker