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Keep it for sure

posted by Murph48 (OCEAN CITY, NJ) Jun 14, 2009

Member since Nov 2007

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This is the Virtua Tennis for Virtua Tennis fans. I have been addicted since my high school/dreamcast years and every instalment has been a blast. Part 3 is on of those early next-gen titles that lacks online abilities in our day and age now, but 2009 takes what isn't broken and runs with it.

I have never written a review before but at my standards of a 25-year-gamer this is top-notch, party or solo, online or off, solid fun. It is why I play video-games. Games like this don't have a hype train or a blip on a radar and surpass most blockbusters that fade in a month.

The graphics had a huge update, the career mode follows unbroken VT standards, and the training games still fit in the to-easy for now very challenging later frame (with a slue of new ones).

My qualms with the game are the same as last, the am career is so horrowing to get through but does give it lasting value. The character creater still let's you make funny characters but all of the Ams still look like your inbread siblings.

The best major change to gameplay is that while still stuck with stamina and injuries in career mode; the player does not loose juice that has been earned in XP.

I'm going to keep it, and if you have been a virtua tennis fan like me (it actually made me start playing tennis) it is well worth the discount through gamefly. One constant thought is going through my head when I play, "will dlc and trophies make it better or worse?" but then I realize that this is the sleeper hit of the year and in a month I will have to battle with people in Eurpope.

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A lot of Potential that falls short

posted by LaptopGuy (ROANOKE, VA) Sep 29, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

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I'm not a huge Tennis fan but I really liked Virtua Tennis 2, which came out a few years ago. So when they were developing VT 2009, I was hoping for some improved gameplay, improved World Tour mode, and just an overall improvement. Instead, I got a sloppy and very time consuming game that really sucked the life out of VT2, which was a very fun game to play.

The Good:

The Graphics are improved and I like the newly added camera angle for singles matches.

The world Tour is pretty in depth and allows you to play online, something that wasn't allowed in VT2.

The Bad:

While the graphics are improved, gameplay took a large step back. Your player will lunge for the ball even when the ball is clearly within his/her reach.

Even on the hardest difficulty, the game still isn't overly challenging either.

The online feature is nice but it really doesn't work that well. I have a great internet connection at my house and it was still a little laggy at parts which can be frustrating at times.

The world tour mode requires a lot of patience as the computer AI is so awful that if you allow a point, you probably shouldn't be playing this game. Since this is really the only feature this game offers, it should be a lot better than what it is.

Even though this game does have a few short comings, it's pretty fun if your playing against another person instead of the computer AI. Other than that, you will spend probably a day or two of your life trying to work your way up through the World Tour mode beating every competitor 2-0 in a 3 match set.

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Ok for sports fans excellent for tennis fans

posted by ajerdley (MILLMONT, PA) Feb 22, 2011

Member since Jun 2007

They game has many great features. As a moderate sports hockey, nfl and collegate football, and mlb baseball, it is fun for about the first 30 minutes then everything becomes repetetive and boring. To a tennis fan it is probably a dream come true, and probably worth owning. All in all a fun game, with great graphics, and sound. Bottom line for replay value!

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