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Definitely Best Wii Tennis Game

posted by johnsrevie (CUPERTINO, CA) Feb 16, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

This game is, no doubt, the best tennis game on the Wii. The other Wii tennis games are Topspin 3, and Grandslam Tennis. (And the Wii Sports Tennis game).
Virtua Tennis has as good graphics as all of the games, or even better than some of them. But what really stands out is the amazing gameplay.

Virtua Tennis is the most realistic and the most immersive tennis game of the bunch. The racket Wii remote swing has to be precise, just like a real racket. A meter shows up on the screen so that you know where you're going to hit the ball. The game feels like a real game of tennis, and is really addicting, even for non-tennis fans like me.
Virtua Tennis also has a My Player sort of mode, where you create your own player and try to win match after match to get into the number one world ranking. This mode isn't as good as it seems though, because basically you're just playing match after match with a few fun minigames being added in.
All in all, Virtua Tennis is currently the best tennis game on the market. The graphics of it are almost as good as those of the HD Consoles, and the gameplay is MUCH MUCH better, MUCH MUCH MUCH better with the addition of Wii Motion Plus. If you want a realistic and engaging tennis game, pick up Virtua Tennis.

P.S. If you can't get Virtua Tennis, get Grand Slam Tennis!

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Didn't blow me away

posted by Natcap (DAYTON, OH) Jan 23, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

I'll be honest -- I was harsh upon opening the packaging for Virtua Tennis 2009. Ever since I purchased my Wii I've been on a pseudo-conquest to find a truly realistic and fun tennis game. The tennis included with Wii sports was a great first experience, but I longed for something allowing for spin shots, aim control, and more in-depth game play like that. Without buttons or joysticks that give such an easy backbone to tennis games on more traditional consoles, my expectations were both grim and hopeful.

After playing Virtua Tennis, they remain the same.

Virtua Tennis tried to include everything I wanted, and I was definatly able to see where there was more option for control of my ball. However, I didn't feel the game play was solid enough for the execution of such. To put it simply, I felt like you needed to be a real tennis player to do well in this game. And frankly, if you're a real tennis player, I doubt you're going to be playing much Wii tennis. I was actually tired after just one match.
The tutorial included with the game was frustrating at times. It told me what to do, but not as very good explanation of how to do it. I would try to serve, fault, and then do the same thing and succeed. It seemed inconsistent and angering.

I won't go so far as to say this game was bad, but it shouldn't be hard to find a better tennis game.

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posted by prototypeq (SHAWNEE, KS) Oct 9, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

This game was terrible I'm so glad i only rented it because it was terrible.

1. The controls were not close to good they were too complicated.
2. The graphics were almost as bad as wii sports but wii sports was a bettter game you could barely tell who was who.

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