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Virtua Quest


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Virtua Quest

Control Stick Choose
Control Pad Choose
A Button Select
B Button Cancel

Control Stick Move Sei. Walk. Run. Press While Jumping to Hang.
A Button Examine. Speak. General Attack.
B Button Jump
X Button Attack Using Virtua Soul Technique
Y Button Guard. Run Along Walls
Z Button Talk to Bit
L Button Position Camera Behind Sei
R Button Synapse Break
C Stick Wire Action
Start/Pause View Control Panel. Skip Previously Viewed Movies.
Combo #1 R Button + Y Button = Synapse Bomber
Combo #2 Y Button While Jumping + Control Stick = Wall Run
Combo #3 If you're thrown by an enemy attack, press either the A, B, X, or Y Button before reaching the ground to get up quickly. Press A while recovering to do a Recovery Attack.

Control Stick Control Stick + X Button = Blast Away Enemies With a Single Blow
A Button A Button + X Button = Throw an Enemy
X Button Hold to Charge Up Power and Attack. Press X for Floater (Launch an Enemy Into Air). Press X While Running to Dash. Press X While Jumping to Perform a Flying Attack That Launches Enemies.