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How can you not get this right ????

posted by NEVASOBER (BRONX, NY) Mar 2, 2007

Member since May 2006

This is my first official review on gamefly and for now i feel it is required for me to voice my opinion ive held back far to long. Hands down i love fighers so i feel as if when you step up to the plate at least in this day and age there has to be substance to draw us in. Having a slew of moves does not make a game im very sorry Sega .I love the look of the characters and the backgrounds are nice to look yet it still lacks something ohh i know what that is a real game. No online spells certain death in a sense at least in the nex-gen world. There are also a couple menu options that are totally not needed. PS3 is a great peice of hardware and i see great things for them but what worked for them on PS2 might not be what it takes bring them to the top today. Characters move kinda stiff for my taste maybe im just too harsh. Its not that it doesnt run smooth i just dont feel the excitement as i did in past games like DOA4 of Soul Claiber 3, im not biased in any way i own almost every system that has come out and still own many games too so my research is pretty extensive at this point. Using the dpad for movement in my eyes limits the fluidity of the fighting. Not one virtual figher has been online and with ps's track record with online its farelly
new to them. I have seen a joy pad for the ps3 for fighting games and would be more than happy to purchase especcially for future games but for me to fully grasp the essence of this figher another purchase would be nessary' and thats were the problems lie. All in all the learning curve is there and the success of acheiving a killer conbo are rewarding but to what extent. Some chains are so difficult you would have to ajust your hand on the remote making it quite straining are long periods.(2 Players)I hope this helps anyone and i would say rent before purchase. The only true thing i can say is the graphics are very hot but in the end something so pretty can only be looked at so many times.

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GF Rating

Above Average

VF 5 LOOKS GREAT, but falls short on character

posted by billys202 (MONTGOMERY, AL) Mar 2, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

The graphics are great, but the fighting leaves little to be desired. The computer pulls moves off that you can't do. You mainly punch, kick, guard, backup and repeat these steps over and over.

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GF Rating


its alright

posted by Steven6268 (TAUNTON, MA) Mar 1, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

its good but the game is pretty basic.No online holds it back for me.

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